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Hello AngloINFO. This Tuesday we have a school holiday because it's Princesday. My kids want to see the Queen and the golden carrage. Is it easy to get to the Hague and to see anything and what happens with the trams, do they still run? Thanks Ta


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It does get very busy and usually best to get there early for a good view.

Some more info here:


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Here is the HTM web site

'Omleiding' means a diverson so there will be some disruption to services on Tuesday


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Hi there is also a link here with the route of the golden carriage so this may help you plan your day


Rach-372838 1221387657

How come all the schools are not off?? I am sure my son has to go to school

Jilly U-371326 1221387864

The International schools have the day off, in fact my sons school has a study day tomorrow so we have a long weekend, hopefully the weather will stay like this and we can go to the beach.

Rach-372838 1221507425

Thats odd isn't it that it is the International schools giving the day off!! and come on now, 2 days of sunshine in a row!! this is Holland remember

Jilly U-371326 1221511070

Yes, it's bben a tough day! sunshine and the beach! The weather looks good for the week too

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