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After an enquiring about swimming lessons in English at the swimming baths in Wassenaar, it seems there is one set of prices for the Dutch lessons and another price for the English lessons, what would be an expected price to pay for swimming lessons? I thought the Dutch government had a very strict policy on swimming because of all the canals, so encouraging children to have lessons. It seems as though you can't go into any swimming pools without the A diploma.


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1 lot of my neighbours pay about 7.50 for a lesson, wheras the other neighbour pays 12 euros oer lesson, so I guess it depends where you go. We just went to England and had some private 1-1 lessons as didn't want to go on the waiting list for a year and also didn't want our son being taught in a pool where he couldn't touch the ground. Got to say that although I think it is very important that kids learn to swim, especially being in Holland, I find most Dutch to be a bit obsessed about whether a child can swim, has lessons, and what stage diploma they are at.

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Well I hope you have deep pockets and a long posting... the Sterrenbad (I think that's where you mean?) are famous for their prices but not only that they keep the kids back even if they are ready to go up a group, last year my child started and even now we are still trying to get this A. Apparently when they do get eventually get it they tell them that they must do their B, C, gold silver..and so it goes on.

Agree with the obsession about the diploma, there are even cards you can buy!


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