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I am British and my boyfriend is Dutch.We have already acknowledged a birth. When registering the birth, is it best to go for a Dutch birth certificate or an international one, or both? Is there any information about baby passports toobecause i want to travel back to the uk without the father now and again. Many thanks!


Rach-372838 1225028735

I am English and my husband is Dutch but our kids were born in the UK and therefore have UK birth certificates and English passports, but we can get Dutch ones too if we want. I understand that in Holland the kids go on the parents passports ?? so English passports will be better as you can then travel freely without the father (as I do frequently). If you have Ebglish and they have Dutch you may get stopped and checked more often.

Slaphead-372946 1225049116

My littler one was born here, we got, Dutch birth certificate, British passport, British birth certicate. We use the British stuff all the time.

Kelly-371545 1225131659

Hi Si

When we moved here to Holland we were advised to get all our kids their own passports as living away from family there was always a chance that one of the parents or child may have to travel seperatley. It's not a cheap option. At the moment the British Consulate are still issuing passports but this will be ending soon and you will have to send away for your passport either to the UK or Paris consulate. This is a pity as we were able to get a passport within a few days and my husband who works just out side of Amsterdam was able to drop it off and pick it up a couple of days later.

I think we paid about 154 euro for one of my children's new passport, it willl become a luxury item before long. I wonder how much a Dutch passport would cost?

delajt-372092 1225144405

Shouldn't your children have no problems whatsoever travelling to the UK with Dutch passports? After all we are your neighbours divided by the North Sea only?

Babies can go onto parents passports but you can also get them their own passports (or identity cards, which are quite a bit cheaper but only usable in less countries)

And this might be slightly offtopic, but I was really wondering, why would anyone get dual European passports these days?

disclaimer: I am not an expat or English.

Ginger-371290 1225145014

I was wondering about the ID cards, they don't seem to issue them to the non Dutch residents now, but is it possible to leave The Netherlands by plane, ferry etc.. with an ID card and not a passport?


delajt-372092 1225146122

Sure, you can us it within the European Union, Iceland, Norway, Turkey, Switzerland, Andorra, Liechtenstein, Monaco, San Marino, Channel Islands, Canary Islands, Madeira and the Azures.

disclaimer: I am not an expat or English.

Ginger-371290 1225146316

So to clarify you can travel to the UK with just an ID card no passport...but is that because you are Dutch (well I"m not sure if you are) Would the same work for a non Dutch resident, would we be allowed in or out of the Netherlands with just an ID card, somehow I don't think we could?


Rach-372838 1225215994

the only reason we would consider getting our children a Dutch passport as well as their english one is because this is the only way they can be recognised as dual nationality

LindseyN-374345 1227697671

My husband is Dutch, and I am British. We have one daughter with a Dutch birth certificate, and one with a British birth certificate.
Both of the children, and my husband have Dutch passports, and I have a British one.

It has made no difference to travelling in Europe at all. I can get the children British if they eventually want one. They have been to school in England, and are at school here now.

I got my eldest her first Dutch passport at 3 months old. Initially this was for 5 years, however, I would recommend changing it after 2 years, to update the photo - I was told to do this by passport control after they questioned the likeness!

I travelled on my old passport with my maiden name for ages, and my daughter on her Dutch one with a different surname - never had any issues, even travelling alone with her.

Everything will be ok!

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