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Posting this for a friend, any one know where I can find one?


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Hi Helen I know a really good one who lives in Delfgauw. Her English is good. Her name is Salima Bours-Put. You can search this website to find one that suits your friends' preferences.



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What exactly is a doula? Never heard of them before, I thought you had a special midwife when you gave birth here.

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A doula is a coach who helps you deal with pregnancy's uneasy side effects with massage for example and that becomes your advocate between you and your midwife or obgyn during the birth if needed.

She makes your wishes clear when you can no longer talk, she prepares you mentally for childbirth and guides you and your partner during the birth as reassuring and knowledgeable person. She does not interfere but intervenes on your behalf if needed.

In no way does she replace medical staff, she complements them. There was a mom in our group (an intl grad student) whose husband was abroad for most of the pregnancy and the birth. She ended up with a complicated childbirth in the hospital on a day where many babies were being born. She and the hospital staff were very grateful to have had the doula help her deal with managing her contractions with breathing exercices, help translate from English to Dutch. She even came to cook her breakfast after she was back home and found her a babysitter when that lady had to go back to her university studies.

Women who choose to become doulas often have experience with teaching breastfeeding have been therapists and are generally very caring.

the doula site that I mentioned has an English page on it and if a doula is fluent in another language she mentions it on her profile.

I did not know about doulas either untillast year but they exist in the US, Canada and Czech Republic I have heard.



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I never heard of this before, someone you don't know comes and helps deliver you baby? When I had my second my sister was with me as my husband fainted when the first one was born, she was much more help and fun!

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Hi Chickens, you meet with her at least 3 times for a couple of hours before the birth, to prepare you and give you massages etc. You build a bond with her. It can't be the same bond than with a family member but I do meet a lot of intls whose mothers or sisters cannot be available at the birth and find the process a bit clinical at the hospital



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