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Does anyone have some suggestions what to do with the kids this half term? We were looking to go to Disney but it's working out to be very pricey. Are the Dutch schools on holiday as well next week?


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Hi, the dutch schools are also on holiday. If you want to go away, how about centreparcs or landal (cheaper than centreparcs - have been to the one called rabbit hill, very good for the kids). Or if you are looking at days out, why don't you buy the annual museum card, it gives free entrance into many, many museums. We are off to England to catch up with family and friends.

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Back to the UK to stock up on Fairy and caster sugar!
Next time have a look here: Children: Days Out For Kids lots of ideas and most of them are open until the end of the season, which usually finishes the last weekend of October, which is in fact this weekend!

Rach-372838 1225028548

Absolotely Dougal, fairy, caster sugar and self raising flour - which apparently looks like explosives so my bags were thoroughly searched!!

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