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Does anyone have any ideas on how to cut down on our costs this Christmas?


Rach-372838 1229372161

I think there are probably many ways to cut costs.

Food - buy at the hague international market - veg is less than half the price than the shops and 100% better quality (it is on Mondays/weds/fri and sat) and they also have meat and fish and cheese stalls.

Wine - drink less

presents - just buy for the kids and 1 small gift for each other until the sales start and then buy something for each other if possible.

Getting ready for next year (which i do every january - I know strange!!) is buy stuff when it is on offer throughout the year. I buy stuff for the kids almost every visit to the UK. I frequently check argos and woolworth website for the sales then have my mum go and buy it. Buy 1 present for each person per month - so January buy the mother in law something, Feb your sister etc.

People you don't see very often but for some reason you still buy each other presenst just say why don't we just exchange cards this year - they may even think thank god for that themselves.

make presents - nice jars - fill with sweets for kids

nice bottle, fill with herbs etc and oil and nice labels, make truffles and fudges for people.

Hey - I could write a book on this

Good luck and enjoy Christmas

Kirsty-373925 1229373274

Well this year I have made loads of my presents. I have made truffles, preserved pears and soaked cherries in rum. I have also made Christmas cakes and puddings, everyone seems to be really pleased with their gifts and it's much more personal as well as much cheaper

Rach-372838 1229374686

exactly - another good one for grandparents is get the kids to make calendars using pictures they have drawn.

also for friends/family that live near you (depending on the age of the kids of course) their present could be you having their kids stay at your house overnight one night to give them a break. Now money can't buy that!!

Hattie-373058 1229444173

All good ideas, thanks, I like the idea of a sleepover!

Someone also emailed this link that I'd thought you'd find useful

Kelly-371545 1229468694

I usually buy my Christmas cards half price in V&D, they go on sale soon. I also see that lots of the shops have started their sales already. I have also sent presents to the UK by the internet, as the euro is so strong it's worth doing.

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