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I have just come to the Hague with my husband who has to travel a lot. I am here with a young baby, 8 weeks, she is my first and she cries continually (maybe she miss her Daddy!) Is them help team or support centre I can go and find some help?


Luciededelft-373544 1222276139

hello try and contact Tina at she runs childbirth preparation courses in The Hague but also a support group for pregnant women and mothers of babies called Bumps and Babies. she is lovely and very knowledgeable

My baby had colic and I wish there had been such a support group then

Good luck and all the best to you and your baby


Lucy-371420 1222280153

There are also courses run by Passionate parenting, they have workshops for new Mums and expectant Mums. All their proceeds go to a charity for abandoned and HIV babies. Have a look at their web site

I'm sure it will get better :)

Jilly U-371326 1222281342

Hi Blossom, you must be feeling pretty fed up, new country, new baby, no husband. Here is a list of English speaking playgroups where you have the chance to mix with other Mums.

I think the Bumps and Babies support group is for Shell employee partners, not sure if you are included in that?

Here is also a pointer to the workshop that Lucy was talking about

Good Luck

Luciededelft-373544 1222283384

Hi Blossom, I just checked about Bumps and Babies; It could be that there are a lot of moms from Shell but it is not presented that way on their website.

For pregnant Mums and parents of newborns and babies not yet walking. This is an international social group open to any parent who can speak English. Dutch Mums welcome! A chance to make friends and gain support from other parents, swap experiences and ask advice from the experts - parents! Offering a peaceful environment where your baby will not get trampled on by toddlers.

I am glad to hear that there are several new moms' groups this way you are likely to find one not too far from you and where you feel comfortable. Passionate Parenting has interesting courses and is a nice way to meet others in yoru situation.

Take care


Rach-372838 1222288641

Just wanted to say all the best - it is hard with a new one even when you have support, but I know from experience (my husband works for KLM) that being on your own can be tough!! some babies do cry a lot for no apparent reason, but some cry for a reason (I hope this doesn't sound obvious or like a lecture). Meeting other mums of very young ones will help you to get some pointers (like are they too hot/cold/pain/colic - nighmare one/ hungry/pain etc. sometimes the list seems endless) also maybe you van see a health visitor type of person, just to get the medical side checked. I hope you get help and sleep soon. Good luck

Honey-371724 1222289481

Hi Blossom, my heart goes out to you, this is never an easy time but it must be twice if not three times as bad if you are here trying to cope on your own and trying to adjust to a new country. Sometimes if you are stressed your baby can pick up on this, try to relax if you can, make the most of your time with your daughter and go for nice walks, up to the beach is always good. I agree with Rach you could always have a word with your health visitor. You will be sent an appointment. It probably seems like an endless tunnel but it does/will get better.

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