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Does anyone know about swimming lessons? I need to get them up to speed but having talked to some of the Mum's in the class it seems to take and age to get them up to a diploma level. There's one Mum who has been going for 3 years in Wassenaar and she's still waiting for a diploma. Is there a fast track way of getting them through this? Spi


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Hi Spider

I think it all depends on the child , my son has been going to the overbosch for over a year, I'm hoping he'll get to do his diploma at christmas, I have a friend whos daughter started at the same time in Wassenaar and she has done her A and B already.

I'd go for Wassenaar over the Overbosch , as it's really bad times , My sons lesson is 6.30 till 7.15 on a Friday night ... it interferes with my wine drinking !


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Have a look here as well:

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