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We are new here since sept, my daughter is at the British School, since this time she has been almost unbearable, I appreciate she is 14 and becoming a teenager but this quite delighful little girl has become a nightmare overnight. Not sure if there is something going on at the school, I have met with her school tutor but she says its ok, has anyone else have problems like this?


Lucy-371420 1227012752

Sounds like a reaction to moving here? It takes some adjustment..have you tried talking it through and find out what the problem is?

Rach-372838 1227020236

our son is only 6 but we definately noticed a change in him when we moved here, a bit pushy and answering back and basically acting like the other dutch kids did at his school. We had to have a really good talk with him and explain that I didn't care how Dutch kids or any other kids behaved, he had to behave how we thought was good. Things have settled down, although he needs reminders!! but I think it was just a cry for "I don't know why my life has turned upside down"

Lollypop-372898 1227022110

My son didn't speak to us for a year when we first moved here, he hated us, he went up to The Hague every Friday night and used to get so drunk of us would have to be 'on call' to go and rescue him if needed. He is now slightly better although doesn't really communicate but we think it was a reaction to moving here and leaving his friends in the UK.

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There is an exhibition somewhere, I think it's in Amsterdam where there is a light hearted look at how teenagers develop and grow, it might be worth a visit? I'll find out where it's on and get back to you.

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