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Hi, i have 3 girls who will be starting the ROTTERDAM International School at the start of term, my daughter has heard some not so good things about the school from other children on her internet, which has now made her very nervous. I was wondering if anyone out there might have children at this school or know anyone at this school and could put my mind at rest or at least my daughters. Many thanks mandy.


Dawn38-373759 1219364778

You don't seem to be having a good time of it at the moment Mandy. I have a 16 year old at The International Shool in the Hague (ISH) and he absolutely loves it. He has had no issues, hasn't seen any bullying and has slotted in without incident. He is heavily into music and is very popular amongst his peers, so if this school is anything to go by, I only suggest that your girls give it a try and find out for themselves, after all its usually only the bad things one hears and rarely the good.

Good luck to your girls.


mandy-373811 1219396849

Hi, dawn

Thanks for your reply, i think there can be a bit of my international school is better than yours among children, so i think your right its a case of finding out by going, but your right we have had a bad time since we arrived in holland, so much so we are thinking of leaving my husband here to work and going back to uk on our own to live.

regards mandy

XYZ-372640 1219483135

I have heard very good things about the school and it is very welcoming and friendly. My kids took a good year, yes year to settle into International schools. Now we are settled and have friends and famillies who are from and have lived all over the world, what a wonderful opportunity for them I say to myself. Weigh up your options very carefully.

mandy-373811 1219492349

hi, thank you for your reply, thats really good to hear, that puts are minds at rest,not knowing anything about the schools its hard to know if you have made the right choice.

kind regards mandy

Rach-372838 1219752289

Hi, don't give up on Holland yet. WE have only been here 6 months but are really enjoying it. My husband is Dutch though so maybe that makes it easier, and where we live in Nootdorp there is a real family atmosphere. My son goes to a Dutch school, as we are planning on staying here and felt it was important for him to integrate with local kids. Are you here for long??

mandy-373811 1219766084

Hi, i am afraid we have given up, my girls and i are going back to uk in 2-3 weeks. We live in ypenburg.

I suppose it helps that you are married to a dutch person so you dont feel so isolated.

regards mandy

Rach-372838 1220285081

That is such a shame - what a bad experience the ejole thing has been for you. For us it has all gone well, nice people at the school, friendly neighbours etc. All the best

Alison Fletcher-372509 1220289883

That is such a shame you are going so soon. It took me a good year if not 18 months to settle here, I felt very isolated at first and admit the Dutch 'ways' quite hard to get used to, I was constantly looking at the suitcases with the idea of going back but now we are totally settled, we have fine friends which we are very close to. I admit we do live in 'an expat bubble' and don't really have that much to do with the Dutch community but we have made friends with our neighbours who are very nice. Maybe you just had a bad start and you needed to give yourself and the girls more time.

mandy-373811 1220347625

Hi, thanks to both of your replies, yes it is a shame and i hate to leave my husband here. We came to holland fromm switzerland , we lived there for 2.6 years, we had really settled there and the girls loved it and spoke german and had many friends.

I think i would have given it more of a go if they had stared school straight away but after them being at home fro 12 weeks!!, with no friends and getting really down, especially my 16 yr old who also became really run down and ill because of it all. She tried to make freinds over the net and even went and meet up with some girls but after one outing one of the girls took a dislike to her and set the rest against her, so that was that.

We leave holland on friday and i just keep thinking i hope i have done the right thing, leaving my husband here and only seeing him at weekends, but am so torn between makingn my girls happy and him, as the family life was suffering with all the angnst amony the girls.

Well we will see, thank you for your support

regards mandy

Stripes-371319 1220392085

Hi Mandy,

It's a shame we didn't read this thread before. We have kids at the ASH (American School of the Hague) and have been very happy here. Sure we didn't have a great start and had some Health Issues which we had to go back to the States to sort out but once sorted we have been happy and very settled. We have 2 years to run on my husband's contract and we are dreading the time to go back. My kids have had the most fantastic exposure to International life and to Europe. We have visited many European cities. Prague, Koln, Vienna, Milan etc.. whilst we have been here, something we could never have dreamed of if we'd stayed State side.

It seems you had a bad experience, especially with these girls. Wish you luck in the UK. If you change your mind and decide to come back to Holland then send me a mail and we'll meet up.

God Bless

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