Ryan Air Prices!

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A while ago i booked to go to London Stanstead from Eindhoven. The credit card charge cost about 1.50Eur. I then booked for us all to go back in December, credit card charges 3.00 eur each. Yesterday my wife decided she wanted to come with me in Oct, the credit card charge now being 10.00 eur! I know the flights even with the charges are a good deal but I do think they should put an indication on the home page telling people of increases and extra charges! Anyone else agree?


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Yes I do agree! You have to check and read everything before that final click! We got caught for paying travel insurance when we flew my Mum over in in the Spring. As a matter of interest, does anyone know how you pay by switch on the Ryan Air web site? I looked everywhere but couldn't find a box to pay by this, in the end we had to pay by credit card which bumped the price up.

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