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Is it ok for kids to wear boxer type swimming trunks in the public swimming baths in Holland? when I was in France last year we weren't allowed in because we had to have 'speedo' type trunks, wondered if the same rule applied here.


delajt-372092 1216247381

Hi Matt,

luckily you can wear anything you want here in Holland.
France and Germany have those strange rules, in the past they also made you wear a cap in Germany...


disclaimer: I am not an expat or English.

Captain Mike-372865 1216251287

So how come you can't wear the boxers in France then?

Avast Behind

Misha-373519 1216335366

This question I know answer. The frecnch people stop this because some kids go on their bike and scooters with their boxer and then jump in the pool. They do it for hygenie reason

MikeP-371467 1216771521

I would have thought that the cleanliness (or lack of) of the inside of the underwear would be a greater concern and hazard than a bit of dirt on the outside.

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