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Hi, i have 3 girls who will be starting the ROTTERDAM International School at the start of term, my daughter has heard some not so good things about the school from other children on her internet, which has now made her very nervous. I was wondering if anyone out there might have children at this school or know anyone at this school and could put my mind at rest or at least my daughters. Many thanks mandy.

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Hi, if anyone needs some where to take the kids tomoorrow afternoon there is an English speaking performance of Pinochio at the Kastel Duinvoorde in Voorschoten. Bedankt

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A while ago i booked to go to London Stanstead from Eindhoven. The credit card charge cost about 1.50Eur. I then booked for us all to go back in December, credit card charges 3.00 eur each. Yesterday my wife decided she wanted to come with me in Oct, the credit card charge now being 10.00 eur! I know the flights even with the charges are a good deal but I do think they should put an indication on the home page telling people of increases and extra charges! Anyone else agree?

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I met this lady at my doctor's today, she has just arrived here with 2 kids , speaks some English. I told her about this web site but is there any support groups for Japaneese famllies in The Hague?

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Hi, i just had to write about this, i took my 3 girls shopping in den hagg whilst walking along the shopping street 4 girls of about 18 started hitting my 12 yr old with her bags, we just carried on and ignored it then they pushed us apart and hit my daughter in the ribs, and tried to steal my other daughters ipod. We went into a shop and they followed so i told them to leave us alone and that i new what they where upto. We had a lot of abuse back about being english ****s . We carried on to the top floor of the shop,my daughters were very upset. We finished shopping and paid as i was paying they came behind us and pushed my daughter (12) flying into the counter, i saw this and told them to pack it in and it was not suitable behave that way, then the next thing my other 12 yr old is being thrown across the other side of the shop,the girl also raised her hand to hit me in the face .i couldnt believe this and made a big fuss and told the shop assistance that we were being attacked. .We left while the assitant was talking to them and quickly got the tram home. They did this in daylight and in a shop!! My poor girls are so shaken and i am too as they did this to them with me there. I just felt i had to share this with other families. regards mandy

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It's costing a small fortune taking the kids around this summer, is there a special deal or card we can get to give us entry to more than 1 museum? The weather is so bad, shame as we were hoping to spend more time on the beach this summer.

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I am a single mum with a lively 5 year old who will shortly be starting school at the HSV in the Hague. My ex-husband (Dutch) and I recently split up to go our own ways. It is very difficult with friends once you split because loyalty's are devided and I want to get out and about and make new friends were there is no history. Are there any single parent groups (mixed) were I could meet a new set of social friends, I prefer single parents because they understand the difficulties of splitting up and having to start again, in some respects. Maybe there are some clubs like tennis, for instance, or dancing groups, I particularly like salsa. Any ideas would be gratefully received. Dawn

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Hi we are in the final stages of packing up and leaving for the Netherlands in a couple of weeks for the school term. We have decided to put our kids who are 13 and 15 into the ISH as they will be following an IB programme but I have now seen that the BSN are doing the IB from September as well. Weighing up the 2 schools I was wondering if anyone had first hand experience on either school.

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We had devastating news this week concerning my husband's sperm count and the only option we have talked about and have been advised to follow is IVF. Is there anyone who has had experience of this in Holland and possibly know what the chances of success areGrateful Thanks k

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Hi, when my 5 year old becomes 6 in October I am not sure what to do for his birthday, any ideas?? In England we always hired some kind of hall and had magicians/bouncy castle/punch and judy, tjhat type of thing, and of course food. I have spoken to a couple of mums and I get the impression that it is often at the childs house (but I guess then numbers are a bit limited) and that they play games and eat cake, and also that the parents don't stay. All of this sounds quite terrible to me, for a number of reasons. 1) lots of kids in the house (especially the lively ones that seem to have no manners) would be a nightmare, 2) friends round isn't what my son is used to, we have always made a really big party for him (not necesarily expensive, although it does usually end up so), but just special for him 3) all the mums leaving, oh my God, I don't speak nearly well enough Dutch to cope with that, and lthough my husband is Dutch, there is no guarantee that he will ne in the country. So my questions are, any ideas, do people hire halls, we are in Nootdorp. Also anyone used any kids entertainers?? also those ball pool type things, do they hire them out for sole use, and how rude (will I be banished and the talk of the playground) if I ask the parents to stay, or should I just discretely ask a few of the mums who I know a bit better?? any thoughts appreciated, I know it is a long way off but better to be prepared!!

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Is there a swimming pool that is equipped to take a handicapped child in a wheelchair, we are in Voorschoten but prepared to travel.

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I am moving house in the summer and have loads of kids clothes and toys to give away, does anyone know how I can contact someone so these clothes can find their way to an Orphanage in some where like Romania or Poland.

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I am in total admiration of the Dutch and how good at languages they are, they speak not only English but French fluently as well. Must be the teaching at school. Anyway, I am ending my 1 year Dutch course and have to be honest that I have found it a huge struggle and a difficult language to master, even the teacher agreed that I hadn't really ever got to grips with it! So next September I would like to learn French, as we think we may buy a house there eventually. Can someone recommend a French teacher in around The Hague or Rotterdam area. Thanks :-)

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Can anyone understand the opening policy of Albert Heijn. I notice this morning, looking at the opening times, that there seems to be an arbitary policy for which stores open on bank holidays. For instance Mariahoeve AH is open but Leidsenhaage is not. Yet the Leidse store is a big supermarket with plenty of parking and remains firmly shut.Why???

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Any one anything about this craze Geocaching? My kids say we have to have a Sat nav which we do but not sure how it works?

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Ok what is the difference between a Koffie House where you go and have a nice cup of coffee or the other sort where you can buy other addictive substances, are they called the same name?

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Hi, I live in The Hague and was wondering if there are ANY parks I can take the kids to this holiday where we don't have to continually wipe the dog poo off our shoes?

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With the kids now on their hols we will be going up to the beach quite a bit. when I was up there with them the other day I was wondering just how clean the water is? Is there somewhere I can find information or a web site just to see how safe the water is. Thanks

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Is it ok for kids to wear boxer type swimming trunks in the public swimming baths in Holland? when I was in France last year we weren't allowed in because we had to have 'speedo' type trunks, wondered if the same rule applied here.

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When we were up at the beach at Schveningen the other evening we saw this wheelchair which looked like it was specially designed to go on the beach. would anyone know where we could hire one?

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