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Is there anywhere you have guidelines on what weight of child you can carry on the back of your bike?One of the Mum's at my daughter's school brings her 8 year old on the back of her bike, it seems an awful lot of weight to have to carry.

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My daughter has come back for the summer hols. She had loads fo weight, where do they do a bra measuring service?

started by: Helen M-372359 · last update: 1216335223 · posted: 1215855395

Help! We are going camping next week and we need a product that we can spray on at night to keep the mossies away. Can you get such a thing in Holland?

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Hi, we finished school yesterday, anyone know when the Dutch Schools finish, or have they already? Cheers

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Does anyone know where I can get English speaking judo lessons to start in September? My son is 9 and needs toughing up!

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I need some advice for a collegueHe is Moroccan getting married soon to a girl with a Dutch passport. He has a Schengen Visa which is still valid. Is it possible to get married in Holland without having to go back to his Home Country? He is in Netherlands just for Vacation

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I am looking for a Maths teacher to teach my daughter during the summer holidays (IB1 level in English). Can you some help with this?

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As my kids are at International schools will they be eligible to have a Vakantie pass?

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Hi we are relocating to The Hague from Canada in the Fall, initially for a 4 year contract but possible longer.We have 3 kids, one older 14, and 2 kids younger, 7 and 10. I am sending them into the British school but not sure where the best area to live is. My daughter will go to The High school but the younger ones will be away in another school. We shall rent a house to begin with but may have the option to buy later on. My husband is already in The Hague and looking at houses for us but he says there's not much around and most of the houses are expensive and are in pretty bad shape. Please feel free to email me as I need guidance on the right area as I can't come over before the final move. Have a nice day

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Yesterday we went up to Vlietland with the kids and another couple of famillies, we ordered some chips for our kids with 2 plates. Seems like a fair request..when we got the bill they had charged us one euro for the extra plate! Would you have paid it? I

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Hi we are locating here from Australia and one of our children has to use a wheelchair, I have only had a brief spell in Holland and it seems to be fairly disabled friendly but I was wondering if any one has some first hand experience.

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What is the legal age you can buy wine and spirits here? My 15 year old daughter is going to a leaving party this weekend and tells me there will be beer and wine available brought by the boy having the party!

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Does anyone know how we go about finding out if we are eligible for a grant, having lived in Holland for 6 years and we own a house here. Thanks

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Anyone have any idea on a good location for a kids party? We are living outside of the Hague.

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Can anyone recommend a good mobile phone deal for a teenager, she'll need lots of credit for texting , not really calling, just in an emergency.

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Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions on activity courses or summer schools for the kids during the summer. Thanks in advance Nts

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I have to get a new passport for my son, is it OK to get a picture done in a photo booth or do I have to get it done in an official photo place?

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Hi, I 've lived here since 2004 and next week we leave, back to the UK. I have read the topics on this forum with interest and feel as a parting shot, my time and experience on my life in Holland may be worth a posting. The Good Bits first! 1. The people we have met, who have become firm and life long friends 2. The social life, lots of dinner parties, quiz nights, race nights etc.., meeting interesting people and enjoying a comfortable life style. 3. Getting on a bike and cycling anywhere safely and easily. 4. The flowers, always fresh, beautiful and so imaginatively displayed 5.Being so close to the beach and sea. 6. The Public Transport, excellent, reliable. 7. The sports facilities, the swimming pools and football/hockey clubs Now the not so good bits! 1. The Supermarkets, small, lack of choice, empty shelves, unfresh food, dark dingy. 2.The Health Service, a bit hit and miss, the Dutch have a very 'laid back' approach to medicine, pain releif and haven't got to grips with preventative screening. 3.Sorry, the dogs(again) and the poo, the smoking (which hopefully will change as of 1st July) 4. The difference in culture, the Dutch speak English but they are very different. 5. The service, restaurants,hotels, banks, shops where ever, the service is not great. 6.The International schools, a bit hit and miss, just because you pay they are not private by any means. 7.The continual road works, after 4 years they are still digging up The Hague! 8. Restaurants that shut the kitchen at 10 p.m! 9.The weather, similar to the Uk but somehow colder, greyer and rawer.

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Is there a general health and safety law in Holland about dogs in restaurants? In the UK and most other European countries dogs are not allowed in restaurants as a health and safety issue. Today I was at the beach, the owner of the restaurant has a huge dog. firstly this dog fouled on the beach, the owner just kicked some sand over it whilst our young children played in the area where this had just happened. Next the dog came up to the table where our kids were having their lunch and took a pancake off their plate! When we said something the owner just thought it was funny! Amongst us were famillies from many countries, not one of them said that this would be allowed in their country so how come Holland can get away with it?

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I must let off steam to someone because today I went to Albert Heijn in Wassenaar and there was a woman in there with a dog sitting in the child seat part of the shopping trolley, the bit where you put young babies and toddlers. I was so surprised that I had to go to the Information counter and tell some one! I had no luck, the lady just shrugged her shoulders and said it wasn't my problem!

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