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I am guilty as anything for living in an expat bubble and for chauffeuring my kids around from a safety perspective. In the UK we took our kids everywhere by car as we felt it unsafe to let them cycle or walk, as the roads were so busy and the worry of someone molesting them. It's true! Next September the eldest of my children goes up to High school in Wassenaar and wants to cycle about 5km to the School. I have no idea how safe the kids are here? I see kids as young as 9 or 10 cycling to school but do children go missing?

started by: XYZ-372640 · last update: 1213401226 · posted: 1213135474

Is it Father's day this weekend in Holland and the UK? Anyone got any ideas for a 77 year old dad in the UK?

started by: Korean Girl-373232 · last update: 1213183443 · posted: 1213179074

Hiya, We have party for the children at weekend in bowling alley. Please from The Hague where is best place for the car park?

started by: Korean Girl-373232 · last update: 1213178749 · posted: 1213178749

Hiya, We have party for the children at weekend in bowling alley. Please from The Hague where is best place for the car park?

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I have an easy jet flight going for the Thursday 10th July from Amsterdam to Liverpool 09:15 If you are able to transfer the details then it's up for 50 euros

started by: XYZ-372640 · last update: 1213022627 · posted: 1213022627

I have fair skin and I find that most of the foundations you get here are much darker and they don't tend to stock the fairer skin type.

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I am still fairly new to Holland so I would like to ask a couple of questions. Why are the supermarkets so small and only sell the basic foods. Why don't they sell spirits in the supermarkets so you can buy everything in one shop Why don't they take credit cards in supermarkets? Thanks Mad

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I have to go and have an X Ray, I am a bit of a prude, is it true that you don't get given a gown to change into, and you just walk into the X Ray room semi naked? It wouldn't surprise me!

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A friend of mine has received an email saying that The British Consulate in Holland is no longer issuing passports. We either send them back to the UK or to Paris to be re -newed or to apply for a new one. We don't think this email is a scam but one never knows..

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Can some one recommend any Indian Restaurants in or around Rotterdam area. Thanks

started by: Rotte-372463 · last update: 1211910451 · posted: 1202825985

As I have young kids I am thinking of moving to Rotterdam with my partner this Summer. It seems like a lively city with lots of night clubs!. Where do most of the Expats tend to live? Anyone have any advice on any of the schools?

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Is there some advice on moving Dutch children who have lived abroad for 6 years back to a Dutch school. They have a Dutch father but their main spoken language is English.

started by: Helen M-372359 · last update: 1211574574 · posted: 1211490557

My son is going on a school trip next week and I need to buy him a sleeping bag. i don't want to spend a lot of money on it, it will most probably be lost or wrecked by the end of the week! Anyone got any ideas where I can buy one?

started by: Roly Poly-372441 · last update: 1211494853 · posted: 1202143721

My husband has been working in the Netherlands for more or less 8 months and has been offered a permenant job, it's a great deal but I want to know why and what's in it for me and my 2 kids. We have managed so far with weekend visits and trips to Holland but feel it's a huge step for the kids, to uproot them from their schools, family and friends. What makes the country so great? My husband loves it, says he cycles everywhere.

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I am looking for a family friend who moved to Holland a while ago, her name is Anita, maiden name is Randall. I know it's a long shot but you never know...

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My daughter wants some of those Urg boots that all the celebs wear for her birthday. Can someone point me in a Urg boot shop direction please?

started by: Gerda-371636 · last update: 1211207966 · posted: 1210764181

Are there any quieter beaches near the Hague. We went up to Schveningen at the weekend, what a mistake -it was packed, we queued for hours to get there and once we eventually got sight of the sea we spent hours looking for a parking place. It seemed like the whole of Holland was there!

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Postviral Guillain Barre Syndrome, has anyone heard of this condition? A collegue at my husband's office has been diagnosed with it and he's seriously ill in hospital on a ventilator. I've never heard of it before, I assume it's not contagious and curable?

started by: Meghan-373043 · last update: 1211133142 · posted: 1210878055

New Channel 4 documentary series CALLING ALL BRITISH FAMILIES WITH STRUGGLING BUSINESSES ABROAD Do you or do you know anyone whose dream of running a life and a business overseas has gone pear-shaped? Maybe it’s cash flow problems, language barriers or simply cultural differences that are making things difficult. Are you looking for some help and advice to save your business? If so then please call Meghan at 020 7 013 4556 or email Meghan.just-truelove@rdfmedia.com Meg

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Can someone please give me info where I can get help with getting my disabled Mum down from Schipol to Voorschoten by train. Thanx Hilary

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