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We were up at the beach today and were slighty alarmend to see all this green foamy stuff on the shore. It looked like green foamy washing up liquid. Anyone know what it is and more importantly if it's harmful?

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It is Mother's Day this weekend in Holland judging by all the flowers and presents in the shops, but do they celebrate Father's Day as well, if so, is it the same day as the UK.

started by: Omaha-372998 · last update: 1210341535 · posted: 1210328394

Hi, I have to be in Holland for a week seminar in July with a view to moving here. I have 2 kids and was wondering if there are any summer holiday camps they could attend while I'm here. I beleive most Dutch kids speak some English but if it's Dutch speaking not a problem. Have a nice Day

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We experienced our first Queen's Day today, my first impression was opening the front door and being over whelmed by the the number of flags that were hanging outside, in fact we were the only one's in the street who didn't have one out so they must know we are non dutchies? It was a really family day we especially enjoyed the morning and went up to the village to see the kids selling all their toys and games, this afternoon we went up to The Hague and had a few rides on the fair - quite a few drunk people but harmless, we felt very safe in fact. The weather could've been better. Just wanted to say that it was a really nice day, and another holiday tomorrow as well, what could be better! VB

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Which other International are there in The Hague? The ISH where I want to send my children is full and I have heard so many bad things about the British School, in fact when we looked round the smaller one, a parent (I think it was) came out in tears saying 'what ever you do don't send your children there!' So not sure what's going on there. It seems like a bit of a limited choice.

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As of 19th April there are flyers in varoius shops such as V&D, Albert Heijn offering discounts on entrance fees to many of the events happening on Queen's Day, in and around the Hague. It's a great day with a party atmosphere! Let's hope the sun shines this year!

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I am looking for English speaking ballet lessons for my daughter aged 7 years, in The Hague, to strat September 2008.

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Hi, I have just arrived from South Africa, I have a 6 month old and 2 year old girls and looking to meet other Mums. could some one please recommend one Thanks

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Are they any other ex BSN parents who are waiting for their orginal registration deposit? We took our kids opu tof ther back last September and I'm still being given the run around.

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Whilst doing a bit of research on Pregnancy i came across something that said we should be careful what skin products such as moisturisers to use when pregnant. I am using all the some products I did before I was pregnant, and am now panicking in case I have done some damage to the baby.

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I need to renew my son's passport before June, do I have to do it from here in Holland? Does anyone have any idea how long it takes or can I take it and get it done at the Embassy in The Hague?

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Hi, I among with other girl friends are helping to organise our school prom, where would we find helium balloons, los of them? We are in Wassenaar/The Hague. Nearly there...

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My next door neighbour is Dutch and their son seems to have been at University for ever, well at least 6 years, he must be about 27 now, how long do they study for? I think she said he was doing pharmacy studies.

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I have swimming lessons in Wassenaar but they seem to be expensive and taking a long time. Anyone have any experience of other lessons locally?

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Has anyone heard of a book called 'How to get your baby to sleep through the night'. I have read about it somewhere and wondered if I might be able to buy it here somewhere. I have a 5 month old and he was screaming for most of the night, I need some tips.

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Plse there is one day in Holland I think that we can visit the windmills? This is verry good nerws. I am thanking you

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Does anyone know of any Pregnancy Yoga classes, in The Hague or Rotterdam areas, I did it in my first pregnancy and wondered if it was here in Holland.

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Hi, I am an ex BSN, student now at University looking for work during the summer months. I have experience with looking after young children, available for baby sitting, looking after your pets while you are on holiday, gardening, cleaning.

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Hello we are 2 class Mum @ Int. school in the Hague. We would like to organise a Teddy Bear's picnic for the end of term for the kids & parents in the class. We have picked a park but will we need permission to picnic there, we estimate 12/15 families taking part. Thanks

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when ever I am in Alberts Heijn I get asked to buy stamps, I never buy them but lots of Dutch people do, what are they for do you get money off shopping if you save them up?

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