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We are a family of four who fancy a change from a beach type holiday but do like messing about on the water so thought about a boating holiday combined with some biking now the children are old enough to cycle some distance in the Netherlands would be perfect.  What I would like to know is where is the best areas in the Netherlands to do this and what sort of tourist sites are there to see where you recommend.

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My husband has the opportunity to move to the Netherlands for his job for two years.  We have children of school age who speak French and English as they are in the local school.  I am not sure that they will be able to join a local school in Eindhoven though and wondered what other options there are on private schools in the area.  Can other parents advise me and what the school system is like.  I am wondering if I would be better to stay in France and he comes back at weekends.

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Does anyone have a babysitter to recommend for once a week during the day, or the occasional evening for few hours? My baby is 11 months old. If you can help, let me know -- Heerlen area. Thanks x

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Has anyone got some good ideas on games that children can play together on a long car journey as I don't want them stuck playing electronic games all the time.

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Wife will be away for the kid's birthday and she want's me to organise it - they want a themed party but can't agree on what so I said I would come up with a theme but as they are a girl and a boy and are 12 and 14 I am stumped - any ideas would be welcome.

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Hi We're moving to Eindhoven in the New Year for work. I wondered if anyone could advise us on options for schooling our daughter, who is seven, and bilingual French/English?

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Does anyone know if there is an airline that takes unaccompanied children under the age of 12 and who fly direct to the USA from either Amsterdam or Brussels?

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My job means that I will be away for 9 months or more from the New Year, my daughter has suggested that she goes back to the UK and my wife travels with me as she does not want to come to where I am heading. I just wondered if anyone has any recommendations of where to send her or would she be better attending one here. She is very sporty and I fear that the schools in the UK will lean towards the academic subjects She is 14 and has family in the South of England who she can go to at weekends but nobody here other than friends.

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Ideas please for a party for our teenage (just) daughter and 30 friends - a theme or idea for entertainment at home - easy as possible as off on holiday the day after so as little clearing up as possible.

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Is it possible to do a Nanny Share in the Netherlands? How would the tax rebate be dealt with if there is more than 1 family sharing a nanny?

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Getting divorced and I need the services of a private investigator to look at the financial side of the divorce as my husband has hidden assets/ bank accounts in the Netherlands. If anybody knows of an honest reliable private investigator who is not expensive could I have their name. They need to be VERY CLEVER as my soon to be ex husband is very manipulative and has told my lawyer the children and I will not get anything as he has nothing . I know this is untrue as he has earned huge amounts of money and has obviously been planning this for years . I would appreciate any advice as I am running out of ideas as to how to find his hidden accounts / assets in the Netherlands as he is determined to make sure he gives no financial contribution for our childrens upkeep or housing .

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HI, I am looking for some help with a children's dentist, so far we have not had a good experience, firstly I took my child to my dentist who is lovely but happened to be away that day and we had a to be treated by a temporary dentist. This turned out to be a dreadful experience and we were unable to be treated. Next we went to the Children's Dentist in Rijswijk which looked lovely and had pretty drawings and snakes curled around the dentistry equipment but still had no help with trying to get my child treated. The Dentist got really cross and wouldn't let me go into the room and sit with my child. Now the problem has been compounded because my child has a real fear of the Dentist, needs to have a filling and is scared stiff of going back. What shall I do?

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Are there any resale stores for used baby cribs, travel beds or highchair etc in The Hague? I need some items for a grandchild that will visit for 2 weeks in October.

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Hi Delft has regular story times activities with children in several languages. From September on English, Spanish French, Italian, German, Turkish. Farsi, Dutch and working on setting up some in Polish. Do you know someone who would love to help out reading books to children aged 2 to 4 in one of those languages and / or help them with arts and craft activities in those languages? It is once a month (more if they had more volunteers probably) usually on a Saturday afternoon. Moms, big brothers or sisters, dads, grandparents, babysitters are all welcome to attend these activities. It is at the library which won best library of the year in Nedetherlands last year www.dok.info DOk staff are friendly, it is a beautiful place and has a nice cafe'. People can chat, eat, drink everywhere (your own food or that of the cafe') yet the way it is designed it is not messy nor noisy: just a great meeting place. People tend to stay even after the readings are done, they get to know other participants or browse around for films, music, magazines and newspapers. Toddlers have toys and costumes to play there for free. Anyone interested? I can put you in touch with the DOK coordinator. Kind regards Lucie

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Hello the Hague School vereniging is opening a new location for their international primary school. They are still open for registrations for this coming school year. http://www.hsvdenhaag.nl/nassauint/cgi-oic/pagedb.exe/show?no=1 Kind regards Lucie

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Ideas needed for a kids birthday party. Ages range from 6 to 9 years of age and would prefer to go somewhere rather than have it at home to save in the clearing up.

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I'm interested in buying a teutonia pram. from their website, I know they exist in NL, but I can't seem to find a single address of a shop. Only online shops:(appreciate your help!

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Hi All, We are starting a new baby/ toddler group in Delft. Our aim is to promote the integration of Italian mums with Dutch and International mums. In addition and more importantly, to give their kids an opportunity to socialise and interact with other children of their own / similar age and from different cultural backgrounds.The toddler group is opened to all kids from all nationalities, aged between 0 and 4 years in particular babies and chidren who are not participating in day care or play group activities. It will be held at the “Centro Italiano”every Friday from 10.00 am to 11.30 am in Bieslansekade 68, 2612 JX Delft. Mums are welcome to pop in and out depending on their own schedule. The centre will provide refreshments for mothers and kids.We will charge you 2.50€ only to cover the costs of the refreshments and to self fund the group buying new toys when necessary. The Centre is quite spacious with an outdoor roofed area for those very special sunny days ! If you would like to have more info please do not hesitate to contact us at the following email address: simpaticanaglie@gmail.com Please specify in the object, "baby/ toddler group". Hope to see you there, Veronix

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Hello, It is becoming clearer to my husband and I that our son is gifted. It is a blessing but it comes with hypersensitivity, frustration (the world is so unfair), learning in a different way than what most schools teach and some lacks of social skills. All of that can make daily interactions more challenging. I am now in contact with several Dutch organizations and a couple of international parents but I would welcome more contact with parents in the same situation. By the way, I now know quite a few people working with children with special needs in general if you need information or know someone who does. When I started Delft MaMa to help pregnant women and mothers of babies, I had no idea I would turn into a parenting advocate and certainly not that I would be one of the finalists for the expat of the year awards. I just enjoy helping others and with my son's intellectual and emotional development I have had to research what the cause of his different behavior was and research help available. I would rather share it with other parents and help good children specialists find clients. I am grateful for other people working on similar goals: http://www.access-nl.org/our_services/workshop.htm, www.greatexpectations.nl, www.passionateparenting.nl (presentation about raising gifted children in October) and www.parentinginholland.nl It is tough enough being a first time parent, when you are abroad without your family and regular friends network it takes up a whole new dimension... Kind regards Lucie

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What Languages are taught in State schools in Holland - we are moving over to Eindhoven for my work for at least 2 years and my children study French here in the UK and want to continue when they get there but as we have not decided whether to send them to school there or leave them where they are in the UK with relatives or put them in a private school in Eindhoven. Would like to here from other ex-pats who have moved over with children and any problems that they had - not just with schooling either. At the moment the children want to stay in the UK but my wife is not happy as they are 12 and 13 and she feels that they need to be with us all the time and not just holidays.

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