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Has anyone heard about this BPA in plastic containers, bottles and baby feeding bottles? It seems it is one of the components of the plastics and is harmful to us. Plastics leak this chemical especially when the bottles are scratched and used. There is a move in California to change back to glass baby bottles or bottles free of BPA. Worrying for us who have fed our kids from plastic bottles for such a long time!

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With my husband away this any idea where I can take the children this weekend?

started by: Poppy-371462 · last update: 1181662669 · posted: 1181568613

Does anyone have any ideas on what we can do this summer to keep the kids busy. We are going to be in Holland for 8 weeks.

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Can some one recommend a dentist that is good with kids in the Hague area of Holland.

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Does anyone have any experience of the International school in Rotterdam?

started by: Eric Jan-371635 · last update: 1180569594 · posted: 1180078034

As from the 1st September we are looking foar an au pair to look after our 2 young children in Den Haag arear of Holland. Spaceous accommodation provided.

started by: Georgie-371590 · last update: 1179787030 · posted: 1179480898

Is there a place here in Holland where you can get your children's feet measured properly for shoes like you do in the UK?

started by: Cloggie-371313 · last update: 1179418456 · posted: 1179332681

My 15 year old daughter often gets headaches. I can't pin it on any particular foods or on times of the month. I took her to have her eyes tested and she now has glasses for when her eyes get tired when she needs to do a lot of reading. However she still comes home from school with headaches. Does anyone have experience and/or advice on this sort of thing?

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Is there a Lycee or french school in the Hague area?

started by: Ollie-371716 · last update: 1178804091 · posted: 1178801979

We have to take our daughter for some tests at Juliana's Children's Hospital, is there anything we should know and what to take?

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A friend of mine has a son (15) who's going out with a twin girl. His friend, also 15 has a girl friend that is a twin, and guess what their friend is going out with yet another twin girl. What has happened? Is this a sign of our times (IV) or just a huge coincidence. This friend of mine is very concerned with the way things are progressing and is wondering if its time for the birds and bees talk, I think he's two years too late. He's a Brit of course, by now the Dutch would have talked it, shown it and practised it, all safely. Regards Herman

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My daughter is coming to stay next month from the USA with my grand daughter, is it possible to hire a cot for 3 weeks while she's here?

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Once again my kids have worms, this is about the third time since I've been here, I know what to do but why does it keep happening in Holland?

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i have lived in Holland for 5 years now and for the first time we hired a small motor boat for 5 of us , took a picnic and some wine and travelled up from the vleit at Voorschoten through the Leiden canals . It was beautiful and so easy to do. You can hire a boat for 5 or a larger one for 8 people from the watersportcentrum at Vlietland . www.wscvlietland.nlJoan

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My child seems to covered in these unsightly things that are called molluscums, my doctor has said just to wait and they'll eventually go, but its been months, has anyone any suggestions?

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My grandchildren are coming to visit me in Holland shortly and I would like to have some childrens books in my home for them to read while they are here. Does anyone know of any shops in the Hague that has English childrens books? Doris

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My best friend has found out she is pregnant, She is terrified of having her baby here because she's heard there's no pain relief and everything is done very 'alternatively' Can anyone help my terrified friend?

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I heard there is a Japanese School somewhere in the South of Holland. Any help would be appreciated.

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The school holidays are about to start here in Holland spring central/south bo + vo 17-02-07 up to 25-02-07 spring north bo + vo 24-02-07 up to 04-03-07 You may find that the roads and motorways will be busier this weekend.

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Is it possible to send my child to a local Dutch school instead of an International School? Would they expect the child to be fully fluent in Dutch or are they happy to teach them...?

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