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What is the legal age of buying alcohol here in Holland? My son wants to go up to the Hague on a Friday night with a group of other children from the BSN and I was wondering what the legalities of buying alcohol were?

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Hello where is a good place to take the kids swimming over the holiday?

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I have said that my daughter can have her ears pierced. Can you recommend a clean, hygienic place I can take her to?

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Is'nt wonderful how we can just get on our bicycles and go to the local shops without hardly worrying about cars and other traffic. I can cycle almost all the way on cycle paths, and some of this past fields, away from the road quite safely. I have my little basket on the front for my shopping, as do most other ladies off to do their daily shop. Its like going back 40 years compared to the UK. No wonder Holland is called the shopping basket society and the supermarkets are so small. Doris

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Hello, I live in the Hague/Wassneaar area, can someone tell me how I can get a babysitter?

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We are still trying to decide which is the best school for our kids who will be starting here in the fall. Some say the British School is ok, bit 'flash and cash' and there seems to be more money on fronting and promotion rather than extra curricular activity. I also hear the American School is better orientated to sports and team participation. I've heard nothing about the International School. Any help would be appreciated

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My sister and 2 teenage children are visiting in a couple of weeks, they don't like cycling, it's too early for bulbs, what do you suggest?

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It's half term this week any idea what I can do with the children? Most of our friends have all left us and gone sking!

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Hi, I'm new to Holland and have enrolled my kids in the BSN even though I'm from the USA. I love the school uniforms, we don't have those over in the states. It makes life so much easier, no - 'wheres my Nikes mom', the kids have to put on the same clothes every day. OK, it may be taking away the childs individuality but it sure makes our lives as parents a whole lot simpler. J

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Does any one have any ideas for a girls' birthday party? We've done the usual, bowling, swimming, etc, we'd like to do something a bit different this time.

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I am looking for an au pair or child minder. Any nationality considered but needs to speak english. May need to pick children up a couple of times a week from school. Accommodation: own attic room with own bathroom. They must like animals too!! Usual au pair rates apply.

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Can anyone tell me how the vaccination programme works in Holland. Is it the same as the UK? I think my children are due for some boosters but not sure where and how to go about it. Thanks

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We are moving to Wassenaar and wondering if anyone can advise on dance studios/schools in the area for kids?

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..... To Everyone ..... Clogs

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Come and join us for soccer at weekends at the ABF in Wassenaar by the American School in the Hague. We have teams for boys and girls (from 4 - 14 years old) playing on Saturday and Sunday. We are listed here - http://southernholland.angloinfo.com/af/245/southernholland-clubs-and-associations.html. For details please look at our WEB site www.abfsport.nl Coach

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Are there any schools that offer the International Baccalaureate? My daughter is 14 and in the first year of the IGCSE's, I'd like her to continue with the IB. Anyone with experience? Where is the best school??

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