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Dumb question but what is the name and the story about the boy that pit his finger in the dyke to stop the water. It has been bugging me all day and not sure why I even thought of it - bit like a song that you hear and can't get it out of your head.

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Just found out that Mothers Day is not until 9th of May here, yet it is this weekend at home in the UK. Apart from the obvious question of why is it different, what do you give Mothers over here or is it the usual Fowers/Chocolates etc;

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At what age would you allow your daughter to attend a Pop Concert on her own, she will be with friends but they want to travel to Amsterdam for a concert and stay with one of the friends Aunts who lives in the City. My daughter is 15 and although I trust her feel that it is too young. What do other parents out there reckon to this idea.

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Our daughter takes after me and is naturally left handed, last year she changed schools and the teachers at the new school are insisting that she writes with her right hand and this is causing her problems and her school work is suffering. Whilst she is only 7 she is advanced in general but now is falling behind. We have insisted that she is allowed to develop 'naturally' but are being ignored and now my wife wants to move her to a private school but I feel that we should try and sort this out with he current school - but how? Has anyone had a similar problem where a school ignores your wishes as 'They know Best'.

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I am meeting my dutch boyfriends family for the first time over christmas and want to take a gift but what, Jan says oh don't worry, but you know what guys are like so suggstions would be great Cheers and a Happy Christmas

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Hello, I know someone who is looking into signing her child for an English speaking daycare but she does not work so normally they would not get financial help from the government (both parents have to work for that) Does anyone have experience with that? Did your employer help out or did you have to pay the part that the government would normally cover from your own pocket? Thanks Lucie

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Hello I have heard about an interesting evening presentation for international parents in Leiden “Parents’ Question Time This information evening will be held on the 19th November, at 8pm, in the Vrouw Kind Centrum, Langegracht 57 Leiden Eowyn Crisfield (BA TESL MA Applied Linguistics) Tina Keogh of Great Expectations and Deirdre Budd (R.G.N. H.V. Dip R.) will answer your parenting questions on raising children in a bilingual/multilingual environment, pregnancy, birth, breast feeding and children’s first aid, child development, sleep and fussy eating issues. Three introductory talks will be followed by the opportunity for short personal slots with the expert/experts of your choice. Information stands and tea/coffee/wine and light refreshments will be available. Tickets will be €15 per couple and €10 per individual at the door and €10 per couple and €8 per individual if pre paid. You can pre book your ticket via info@dream-angus.com Kind regards Lucie

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Hi, I have been waiting but still no sign of anything Halloween like in the shops, just loads of Christmas stuff ans big chocolate letters. Is there a place where they sell stuff like plates & cups, table clothes, balloons etc.. I"m in Voorburg but don't mind a trip if I can get some stuff. Thanks

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Does anyone know any International day care in Rotterdam for 1yr olds?

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Hi, I have a question about something I need for my baby which is due in Jan. I have been here since Sept and have used AngloINFO in Singapore so hoping for a reply. The list says I need a metal cot warmer, I have no idea what this means, where I could get it and is it safe?? The care I have received so far is OK but there is a very 'relaxed' approach to antenatal care in this country. I was tempted to stay in Singapore and have the baby there, but my husbands new job started on the 1st Sept here in The Hague and had to follow on really, it's amazing how child care varies from country to country. This is my 3rd pregnancy and by no means the easiest, I have had one in child in Houston, one in Singapore and now this one in The Netherlands. So hoping for some positive replies!

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Hi. tonight my son has to go to Cubs dressed up in the country that he was given which in this case was Germany, does anyone know or have any ideas where I can get some German clothes and what about German food? we are meant to be taking some of that as well. Can you buy sauerkraut in Albert Heijn? I think I have seen frankfurters.

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Once again I am going to be on my own again this weekend, has anyone got any ideas what I can do with the kids? The weather forecast doesn't look great and we did the cinema last week, just looking for a few ideas to get them away from the play station and the TV.

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Hi I am looking for someone who currently is a 'Job Widow' - someone whose partners’ careers or hobbies often keep them from home - and who would be willing to be interviewed by a journalist on how you make your relationship/lives work. Please take a look at our site: www.jobwidows.com and email me at info@jobwidows.com. Thanks Annie

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Graduate Student gives Piano Lessons & Improvisation, harmony and Solfege. Experienced with children and Adults. In Rotterdam or in The Hague. Possibility of teaching at the student's house. Please contact me at: piano_lessen@hotmail.com

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Does anyone else ever feel homesick? I've only been here alittle while and although I know it was a good career move for my partner I really miss my home in the UK and getting cosy in the evening with a Tesco curry and watching Corrie on TV.

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I have two more Albert Heijn question. Firstly how do the cinema tickets work? Do we take them to the cinema and get a ticket for free? or do we have to fill in or send a form? I also keep being given a small jigaw puzzle, what's that all about then?

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Hi! I am looking for a piano teacher either in Hague or Rotterdam for my children. Can you please advise or get in touch if you give piano lessons. Thank you . Liza

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Does anyone know if they are auditioning kids for The Nutcracker ballet again this year?

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Hi, new to The Hague, I have a 2 year old and a 4 year old, any suggestions on what to do with them for the last part of the holiday would help, I am also looking at playgroups for the 2 year old, any help/advice appreciated.

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Is there any where in the Hague / Rotterdam area where I could buy an England Football shirt?

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