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but...I speak good English and am looking for a club/support group in La Haye (The Hague) fro French speaking famillies Merci :)

started by: Lilly Sand-375368 · last update: 1251200494 · posted: 1250811069

Where can I buy electiric breast pump and someone wants to sell one I am interested in it

started by: Pixie-372836 · last update: 1249858655 · posted: 1249660593

Does any know how I can find out on how you can get financial support for a Special need child. Thanks

started by: Jazzy-377354 · last update: 1249415063 · posted: 1249375531

My Dutch neighbour was telling me about a pass you can get that get's you money off of going into family attractions for the hols. My kids don't go to Dutch schools but they are Dutch part funded, would we be eliagble for a pass and where would I go to get one?

started by: Jaffa-372412 · last update: 1249209361 · posted: 1249049248

Is there anywhere in The Hague where you can borrow children's English books. Thanks

started by: Goldilocks-376716 · last update: 1247480964 · posted: 1247336388

I need to renew my passport soon but some said I can't go and do up in Amsterdam anymore and I have to send it to Paris??

started by: Lilly Sand-375368 · last update: 1246803041 · posted: 1246443133

Hello can someone recomend a photographer who will take a picture of pregnant woman and new born babysThanks

started by: Molen-372737 · last update: 1246557181 · posted: 1246271682

Any one have some idea on what to give a family who are leaving the Netherlands and moving back to the UK?

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Hello, does anyone have any idea where I would be able to get big sacks for, we want to have a sack race at the end of term summer BBQThanks

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Hi, a while ago there was a discussion about M&S delivering outside the UK but somehow Holland was not included. I was wondering if anyone had any more news, because I'm trying to find clothes for the kids for our holiday and not having much success. Chhers

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Does anyone know if there is such a thing as a boat trip around the Hague? There doesn't seem that many canals but would still like to know if you can see The Hague by boat.Thanks

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Hi, it's father's Day in the UK on sunday, is it also celebrated here in Holland?

started by: Spider-373911 · last update: 1245265500 · posted: 1244288505

When do the summer sales usually start in Holland?

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My son was stopped at the weekend by the police for riding a bike without lights. He wasn't told how much a fine was going to be, but he was given a yellow notice to say he would be fined. Anyone know how much this might be?

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Someone was saying that you can get money off at Ikea if you spend money at the restaurant. anyone know any details? Cheers

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Hello, we take our kids to the International Football club in Wasseaar, but the fees are becoming very expensive and we feel that we're not getting value for money. Has anyone had any experience of joining a local Dutch football club, I know that they are really into their football but not sure how accepting of International famillies they are?

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Hello,The following conferences organized by Brandi McCollum take place in June . The Family Solutions Initiative is a solutions based response to the growing need and desire of families in the International Community to find understandable and accessible family health and support services. The conferences will provide information on a wide array of parental concerns seeking to connect the Dutch and International services to provide sustainable solutions. The conference will include childcare, parking, affordable lunch and drink packages, one-on-one consultations with experts, an Ask the Expert Panel, workshops, talks and information tables. We will have a raffle with items from hotel stays, to magazine subscriptions, to free services and much more! Everyone will receive a gift bag with information and discounts for services, including a City Fun Package from Delft with family-friendly activities, maps and discounts. Discount hotel rates are available for families coming from far or those who want to make this time a family fun getaway in Delft. This conference is formatted for families to drop in or stay all day. June 6th – International Family Support Services Conference, 10:00-15:00 · June 14th – International Special Needs Resources Conference, 10:00-15:00 Venue: Golden Tulip Hotel Delft Olaf Palmestraat 2, 2626 LM Delft (next to IKEA) This website will be updated shortly with a final list of participants and online preregistration (this entitles you to a complementary raffle ticket) http://www.familysolutions.nl Regards,Lucie Cunningham from www.delftmama.nl

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My daughter is 8 and has become friendly with a Dutch girl that lives in our street. I am really pleased about this but there are a few cultural differences I am concerned about. Firstly her parents do swear a lot in front of her (and my daiughter), they also have the radio on when the are in the car and some of the songs they have on there are full of swearing and not what I would choose for my daughter to listen to. The other thing is they want to go swimming but are quite happy for their daughter to cycle there and go to the pool on her own and think that it wouldn't be a problem for my daughter to go as well!. The girls both have their A & B diplomas. Well I'm trying to get my head sorted out and wonder if I'm the one with the problem and that I'm being a pruedish over protective mother, saying that 8 does seem a bit young to be going off alone.

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Hello, my son is coming to Europe as part of a Gap year, can some one recommend a good hostel or holiday he can stay in on his travels.

started by: Spider-373911 · last update: 1243081734 · posted: 1242999144

Hello, is there anywhere where I can take my kids to a musuem where they have Dinosaurs (not real!).We went to the Natural History museum when we were in the UK but they were a but too young to appreciate it.Thanks

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