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I use the hair products called "Fudge" I was able to buy them without any problem in the UK, I have never come across them here- would anyone happen to know where I can buy them in Holland?

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Hi, does anyone know where the kids can do an English summer course, we live in Voorschoten.

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Hi, I want to make a desset that needs ginger biscuits as a base, can you buy them here? What clue to look for in the supermarket, what's ginger in Dutch?

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This is something my son keeps asking me about, does anyone know what it means and where I can get some lessons?

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I have lived in Holland before . I wish to return to live in Holland at the end of the year. I am an Irish citizen and hold a current Irish passport. I wish bring my wife and daughter. My wife is currently on a Ukrainian passport and my daughter on an Irish passport. Does anyone have some information about what stay documents or permit my wife may need. I know what I have to do go to the Police station and the Stadhuis.

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We are visiting with our son to Holland and would like to know if any of your parks have bycicles for the disabled?Thank you for your reply.

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Hi.I have a question if it's possible to use a canoe on the canals in Holland? Would it entail a special licence and where/how would I find this information?

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Last night we went to some friends doe dinner and she had on the wall a beautiful photo of her 3 kids, which was a photo but had been put onto canvas, she had it done in the UK and I think it cost quite a bit of money. Would anyone know if you can get anything like that done here?

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Does anyone know if there is a legal age to leave a teenager at home? In the UK it is 18 years old, is it the same in Holland?

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Hi, does anyone have any tips on how to get the kids to bed on these sunny evenings? Mine were up until 9.30 last night and they could hear all the other kids playing out on the street. Today I have grumpy kids who were exhausted and a real pain to get to school!

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I am a hopeless cook and something I still haven't been able to find here is cheese cake, you would have thought that will all the milk in the country somewhere you would be able to buy them here. Spi

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Hi what sort of activities will there be over the holiday? Most of my friends are leaving on holiday and we have have nothing planned. Any ideas?

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would someone be able to recommend where I would be able to find a good speech therapist my daughter needs to have some appointments to correct a lisp. Thanks

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Hello my friend is pregnant, in The Hague and looking for some yoga/relaxation class in English speaking please if you can help? Thank You

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Hello, where can I find a tailor that would be able to make a suit for my Husband? The Hague of Rotrerdam, we are betwixt the 2 cities.

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Hello A very nice family friendly outing http://www.komindekas.nl/regiopaginas/#zuidholland Local green houses open their doors and show what they do. Most have children activities, animal viewing collection of old farming tools and buildings depending on location Lucie

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Giant garage sale with only children and baby items (including bikes, toys, books, clothes, children's furniture)www.kinderkledingbeursdelier.nl13:00 to 15:30 in De Lier March 28 Sportcentrum VreelooVeilingweg 16,2678 LN De Lier You can also sell your items as well but need to contact them first and bring your items the day before. A portion of the profits and all unsold items will go to orphanage in Romania Happy shopping Lucie

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Is there anyone who has had an experience of a teenager tking drugs? We think our teenager has/is smoking marajuana, we would like to know where we could get some advice and support. Thanks

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Hello we tried one inThe Hague at the weekend but I think I could've done better! Any one know of a good tapas restaurant?

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Hello, as Mother's Day is always celebrated in the UK with a special service in chuch are there any English speaking churches in The Hague/Rotterdam that will be having a special serive?

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