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Hi, I just reaised it's Mother day on Sunday, I can't find any cards but I was wondering if someone could tell me about a good florist in the UK, last time we used Interfloara and my Mum said the flowers only lasted a couple of days, they wern't cheap either!

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Hi I know something exciting happens when it's the Queen's Birthday, what normally happens on this day? Spi

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Hi can some one tell me where or IF we can get red noses in Holland, it's the Comic Releif event that takes place this Friday Thanks..

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Does anyone know what the disabled facilities are like when going to visit Keunkenhof? Is is set up for wheel chair users?

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My husband just doesn't seem to have any interest in me anymore. Anyone any ideas as to how I should approach, we have been together for 12 years now, have two fabulous kids. I am very happy, he just doesn't seem to care anymore.

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Hello this has come in the post from the local town hall, looks like we have to fill it in, we have 2, one for me and for my wife. Any clues as to what it's all about?

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Hello, we are going to be moving to Eindhoven in the Summer and I was wondering if anyone knew of any expat groups that may exsist there, we don't speak Dutch but are going to start lessons as soon as we can.

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My kids have become addicted to these football stickers they are giving away every time you spend 10 euros. The house is full of stickers and the first thing they were doing was swapping, but their school has now banned the stickers being brought into school. Apparently there is a special book you can get to stick them in but I have been to 5/6 Albert Heijn's in The Hague area and they are all sold out and not sure if they will get any more in. If anyone knows of an Albert Heijn that still has them could you let me know, we are willing to travel. Spi

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My girls would love to see Princess Maxima, how can I find out about a Royal event that she may be attending, we see lots of photos of her on the Dutch magazines but would love to see her in the flesh so to speak!

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We are having a sort out and we want to know of somewhere we can have our videos of our kids, weddings etc transferred onto a DVD, we live in The Hague Thanks

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Are there any Buddhist groups or meetings in The Hague or Rotterdam?

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Today I had to have some blood taken, 1st time in Holland, I was surprised that the girl who took the blood didn't wear gloves? I thought it was common place for medical workers to wear gloves for their protection as well as mine?

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As it's pancake day today is it going to be Mother's day on Sunday as well? Must be sure not to forget it!

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With the worsening economic situation my husband has been told (he works for a Dutch bank) that he will have to go on local terms, as will all ex-pat staff. (Interestingly I have heard the same for some of the petro-chemical companies from friends). This is going to have a devastating financial effect on us as we rely heavily on the company paying for the schools fees at an international school and that we get a housing subsidy. We only have a two or three options, go back to the UK and put the kids into non-fee paying schools (not a very attractive option and one that fills me with horror), put the kids into Dutch schools over here (but this means the kids will fall back dramatically while they learn proper Dutch and will have to mix with Dutch kids), and lastly put the kids into the ISH as the fees are a third of the present fee level. We may just be able to afford this for two kids. If this trend increases it means that the current full fee paying international schools will start to empty out with tremendous pressure being put on the Dutch/International schools like ISH. Does this mean a down sizing of the present fee paying schools. This could be disaster for the current schooling structure. On a personal note, can the school fees paid for by the parents be tax deducted? This will help of course if possible.

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I have just got 2 bras in the Hunky Muller sale, paid about 6 euros each but they don't fit, and I can't take them back because they are in the sale! How do the dutch womens bra's differ from the UK, they seem to have a much broader back.

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Hi there, We just got here from the south of France, what a change:) I am looking for activities to do with my 2 year old son, does anyone know of any good playgroups, music classes .... Take care Alexandra

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Hi, I am a non-European passport holder. I've been living in the Netherlands for more than 8 years. Since 4 years ago, I married to a Dutch man and now I am pregnant for more than 4 months. Currently I found out my husband has an affair with a Dutch woman. Even though he mentions that he still loves me and has warm heart for me. He still keeps regular contact with the woman. I am desperate. I want to know what the consequence if I choose for a Dutch passport or a permanent residence permit, as for the future for my unborn child. Since years I've been depending on him for a living, though I have my regular full time job. I have no foundation here. Once we decide to divorce, there will be certainly a consequence for the baby. I can be mobile (moving onto other countries), but I can't keep the baby moving all the time with me. Besides the most important thing is that I don't want to leave the baby to my husband as for the consequence of what he did during my pregnancy. My parents are both in my country of origin, they can take care for the baby for a year or two, and meanwhile I try to build up my own foundation here. After that I will bring my baby back here for studies and living. I understand that if the baby is born in the Netherlands, the city hall will register the baby as a Dutch citizenship or else. My current husband will be registered as a biological father. But I don't want to have the baby registered under his surname or follow his passport if we decide to divorce. I will keep the baby with me. Can anyone advise what I should do and how? Whether a Dutch passport better off than a permanent residence permit? Thanks.

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Hi, our 6 year old is at6 the local Dutch school, adn I am beginning to wonder if we have done the right thing. He has been there almost a year and his behaviour has got progressively worse. He is 99% of the time the lovely child we know, but there are some odd things sneaking in, like answering back (more than usual), being rude, not playing with other kids as nicely as he used to and then yesterday he tried to (on purpose) trip over a friend and neighbour of ours who was running along. I was absolotely furious and made him apologise to the child and to the parents (who happen to be police officers so I hoped it would scare him a bit). I then talked at length with him about the behaviour and why would he do that, and it turns out that lots of kids do it at break time at school, and that he just copies them, and having seen the kids behaviour (and apparently our school is quite good!!) this doesn't surprise me, and I am guessing the other not so nice behaviour we are seeing is also a copy of the other kids. I talked to some other parents of kids who go to another school, and they said to be honest most schools seem to just turn a blind eye to this behaviour, it is considered the parents job to teach the kids right from wrong and not the teachers. I know it is mainly the parents job, but some obviously aren't bothering or are too busy working to have time, and surely the school should be reinforcing right from wrong anyway. I know in my sons school in England this sort of behaviour just didn't happen, and if it did, it was stopped. And daily they had assembly and also in class time that would cover how to treat other people etc. Every morning I have to say to him I don't care how the other kids behave, you behave in the way you know is right, but poor kid, is only 6 and it is hard not to follow the crowd. Has anyone else experienced this?? I don't want the upheaval of changing schools, if all schools are like this, and those few kids who misbehave are just going to be allowed to get away with it anyway. Any thoughts appreciated

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Hi I am worried about my daughter's sudden weight gain, I want to find a english speaking dietician who can help her loose weight in a healthy and safe way Thanks

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My son is studying for the IB for May 2010, The work load seems to be huge and although we have had support from the school I was wondering if there are other parents who have had a similar experience and any advice they can give to help us support him as much as possible. His friends who are doing 'A' levels don't seem to be under as much pressure.

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