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Hello, The Eglantier primary school is evaluating interest in starting a bilingual English/Dutch program in Delft. The English programme will follow British standards. Please attend their information evening on Monday, February 9th, 2009, 8pm if interested or email the director if you cannot come but are curious about it. http://www.eglantierdelft.nl/english Registration for the meeting is advised. Lucie

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Every Friday one of the Dads in my son class have the day off, he said it was called a Daddy Day. Is it possible for our partners to also have this day off to help with the kids?

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Hi I've seen these Ja /nee stickers on peoples letter boxes, It stops all the junk mail, where can I buy them?

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Hi, could some help me with info on how I get the train from here to Disney in Paris please? We are looking at going for half term but don't want to drive it. Which station from Amsterdam or The Hague and if it goes directly to the Disneyland station? Would it involve a change of train, we have a 6mth old so a lot of luggage.

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I don't know if this is the right place for advice, but I don't know where to turn. I'm struggling with a young child, a job and the need to probably get a divorce. I've had my suspician for some time that my husband might be sleeping with our 21 your old German au pair. She is very attractive and I am sure they give each other furtive looks now and again when they think I'm not looking. I don't know if I'm being paranoid, but when I suggested we could do without her now my husband was quick to defend her remaining. I don't know if I can take much more of this, I'm not sleeping well just worrying about it. What should I do. If it came to a divorce I heard that its quite easy in Holland but I don't know if we would be subject to Dutch divorce law.

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I have just returned from taking my kids to an English pantomime in the Hague. We all thought it was great fun with lots of interaction between the stage and the audience. The kids loved it, especially when there were sweets thrown into the audience. I highly recommend it for a cold Sunday afternoon bit of entertainment. Thanks to the players and actors for putting this on for the kids, and in English! Well done. Reg1

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Today I was in the baker's shop and the lady behind the counter told my son off for taking 2 bits of cake which they had out for tasting,one for him, one for me. He was very upset as I was. I paid for the bread and as we were leaving the shop she was making a real fuss over a dog which had come into the shop, she obviously knew the owner of the dog. She was patting it ,stroking it and letting it lick her hand, then...she went back behind the counter and started to serve bread again! Are dogs allowed in shops in Holland?

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What seems to be the policy on drugs in the schools? I just heard about an incident from some Mum's who said that a girl was expelled from one of the International school for taking a class A drug. Seems pretty serious, I wuld have thought some education of such drugs would be taught in a school like that. I have kids going up to Senior school soon and things like this terrifys me.

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I am from Nigeria and I come here to The HAgue with my husband and he never is here with me, always traveling! I have 2 year old little gitl and a baby boy, six moth. Please is there any other woman with other kids who want to meet with me, a group for young mums.I only come to here for my kids and husband.

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I need help with a teenager, are there any support groups, workshops, help groups that have been set up in the English speaking community? I have lived with a teenager for about 3 years now, she woke up on her 13th birthday and was somehow different, over the last 3/4 years we have had abuse, frustration, swearing. drunken behaviour, shop lifting etc... she has no respect for her parents at all, I really have no relationship with her waht so ever, I would really like to get some help as I want my little girl back, had I known she'd turn out like this then I would've thought twice about having children!

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Since we moved here from Aberdeen which I thought that the Granite City was bad for pollution, weather etc, coming to Holland would be better for us with our asthma. My husband and son suffer. But since we lived here it seems to be worse than when we were in Aberdeen. In fact the baby was at the dr's over New Year and she ended having a ventolin subscribed as well, with one of those special inhaler masks.

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It was interesting about the school in Delft that Lucie was telling us about, does anyone know of any other schools, senior schools that might consider doing the same? My husband's company is now thinking of putting him onto 'local terms and conditions' rather than expat status where we get some housing allowance and school fees paid. At the moment we have 3 kids at the British school, one in Junior but due to go up in Set 2009, 2 already up there at the Senior school. So the housing part is achievable, we could buy a house and we would be eligible for the tax benefits of having a mortgage. The schooling is not, it would be financial suicide and something we can't afford. We don't want to move back 'home' as we are settled here and our house has just been re rented and we were so lucky to get a rental as the market is tough with so many properties out there to rent.So any help or suggestions would be really helpful and much appreciated, we are really worried about our situation which will have to be sorted by this September.

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We are going skiing for the first time in Feb half term, where can we buy cheap skiing clothes for the kids? By the time we add in all the extras it's proving to be an expensive holiday.

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Having met up with friends in the UK (one of which works for Tesco in Marketing) I was at pains to point out how much we suffer with the quality and selection of food we have here in Holland ( I even questioned the point and offered to run it of opening a Tesco "Metro"in The Hague)... I was amazed to hear that Tesco who have stores in Eastern Europe and Russia do indeed want to come in to the Netherlands but not allowed to by Dutch legislation. WHY?

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Is there any restaurant that does a Sunday dinner in this part of the Netherlands?

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Just found out that Mothercare also deliver to The Netherlands, got thos from their web site International Delivery Delivery outside the UK is available for selected items. A variable delivery charge will be applied at the checkout, according to the country of destination and weight of your order. Please note that we are unable to deliver to PO Boxes. http://www.mothercare.com/b/42764041

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With all this freezing weather at the moment it seems like some of the canals are now freezing, the kids seem to be allowed to play on them weather they are safe or not. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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This has been my first Christmas here in The Netherlands and have to say have been pleasantly surprised, somehow I thought that Christmas happened on the 5th and was disappointed when the 5th actually came and there was no Christmas feel or 'buzz' in air, not only that when I went to my husband's work party I sat next to a Dutch lady who told me that their kids had had their presents and that their Christmas would be spent quietly with her parents one day and his the next, so I wasn't quite sure what to expect. So, the week leading up to Christmas was really busy and the shops and supermarkets did have a Christmas feel to it, not only that but there were loads of people queuing in shops and buying presents and they weren't all the expats! It seems that New Year is a big thing here as well, I was wondering what to expect, obviously fireworks as they are for sale all over the place but are there any organised fire work events? We are in The Hague and wondering where a good place to go would be. Spi

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I was wondering if anyone had an tips and or ideas on free things to do over the Christmas holiday

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Is the film being shown in Holland yet? MY daughter seems to be the only girl in her class who hasn"t seen it.

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