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Can anyone recommend a singing teacher. My son who is a musician would like to have singing lessons.

started by: Hattie-373058 · last update: 1229468694 · posted: 1229367049

Does anyone have any ideas on how to cut down on our costs this Christmas?

started by: Blooming-374872 · last update: 1229466493 · posted: 1228391421

6 months pregnant, husband's company Christmas dinner on the horizon, any idea where to get something a bit glam? Don't say pre natal, I've tried there thanks.

started by: Lucy-371420 · last update: 1229165568 · posted: 1229161006

Just to remember to everyone, the BSN school fair is happening today. Father Christmas, mince pies, christmas pressie ideas.

started by: Hero-372419 · last update: 1228554141 · posted: 1228139923

Is it true that you get money off your Dutch medical insurance if you donate your organs?

started by: Jelly Bean-373188 · last update: 1228399387 · posted: 1228299960

In the new C1000 in Wassenaar they have Christmas crackers and Christmas Puddings for sale, not over priced either.

started by: kikker-371318 · last update: 1228389089 · posted: 1228389089

The dead line for delivery dates to The Netherlands for Next is the 11th December http://www.nextdirectory.eu/

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Hi to everyone, I'm new to the site, does anyone have kids who are afraid of the Zwarte Piets? My kids are terrified of them! Troble is they're all over the place at the moment, they sent my little 5 year old into a jibbering wreck.

started by: Lilly Loo-374699 · last update: 1227955447 · posted: 1227873834

After an enquiring about swimming lessons in English at the swimming baths in Wassenaar, it seems there is one set of prices for the Dutch lessons and another price for the English lessons, what would be an expected price to pay for swimming lessons? I thought the Dutch government had a very strict policy on swimming because of all the canals, so encouraging children to have lessons. It seems as though you can't go into any swimming pools without the A diploma.

started by: Si-374375 · last update: 1227697671 · posted: 1225023798

I am British and my boyfriend is Dutch.We have already acknowledged a birth. When registering the birth, is it best to go for a Dutch birth certificate or an international one, or both? Is there any information about baby passports toobecause i want to travel back to the uk without the father now and again. Many thanks!

started by: Spider-373911 · last update: 1227538314 · posted: 1225136677

Hi, what is the difference between Sinterklaws that they have here in The Netherlands and Father Christmas? Is it the same as the Uk and will we be able to take the kids to visit him, tell him what they want for Christmas and give him their Christmas lists?Spi

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We are new here since sept, my daughter is at the British School, since this time she has been almost unbearable, I appreciate she is 14 and becoming a teenager but this quite delighful little girl has become a nightmare overnight. Not sure if there is something going on at the school, I have met with her school tutor but she says its ok, has anyone else have problems like this?

started by: Tigger-374496 · last update: 1226586241 · posted: 1226325727

I suppose they follow a screening programme here in The Netherlands? As a lady in her early 40's when will I be called up for a smear test?

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Posting this for a friend, any one know where I can find one?

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Wanted: English & English/Dutch families in NL As part of the Early Child Bilingualism project, currently being carried out by researchers from Utrecht University, the Meertens Institute in Amsterdam and the University of Amsterdam, we are currently looking for families in the Netherlands with children growing up with English and Dutch. We’re looking for two kinds of children: (1) children who are being brought up with English and Dutch from birth, and (2) children who are being brought up with English from birth and who first come into regular contact with Dutch at a later age. If you belong to such a family and you might be willing to take part, please take a look at our site where you can find information about the goals of the project and what’s involved: http://ecb.childbilingualism.org If any (other) might be willing to take part, we'd greatly appreciate them contacting me. Many Thanks Dr. S.U.

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At the moment I am writing my thesis for my bachelor of sports. This survey is about the current sports habits of expats living in The Hague and surrounding areas.Playing sports is good for your health, a great way to meet new people and above all: fun! We believe that expats should have the opportunity to play sports in The Hague. This is why we have started researching if the offer of sports meets the needs and demands of expats. With the results of this research we can respond to your requests in a more efficient way. It will only take you 3-5 minutes to complete this survey.Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions!Kind regards,TLClick here: Click here:http://www.questback.com/isa/qbv.dll/SQ?id=1320278-65255631-bLMoQYvb

started by: Luciededelft-373544 · last update: 1225922134 · posted: 1225712514

Hello, Great expectations instructor Tina Keogh is offering a special (discounted 60 euro for 2 sessions of 3 hours) CPR and first aid course in English in The Hague this Saturday and the following one. I have taken her course myself and found it very interesting, useful and interactive. Her next course will be in January at its regular price. For more information please contatc her through her website www.greatexpectations.nl www.delftmama.nl

started by: Luciededelft-373544 · last update: 1225705076 · posted: 1225705076

Hello to suit little ones who still nap and school aged children, English story time is now on 2nd Wednesday of the month – 10 am 4th Wednesday of the month – 2pm at DOk Library concept center Vesteplein 100 in Delft http://www.dok.info/index.php?cat=pagina&website_id=1&status=wijzigenform&pagina_id=214 Hoping to see some of you there Lucie (on behalf of Amber Cozzi who runs the activity) www.delftmama.nl

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Does anyone have some suggestions what to do with the kids this half term? We were looking to go to Disney but it's working out to be very pricey. Are the Dutch schools on holiday as well next week?

started by: Harry-371287 · last update: 1224665186 · posted: 1224546034

I was on my back home from work last night after it was dark and walking along a typical town house street I was surprised to see so many of the houses without curtains or even nets in the windows. You could see people sat watching tv or making their evening meals and going about their evening business quite openly to anyone walking past outside. The Dutch are quite happy to have people looking in through their windows and appear quite unabashed at this. Very un-British of course, but why are they happy with this?

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