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I am off to the UK next week with the intention of getting my eyes tested but some one said that it's free to have it done in Holland as the UK charges 20 quid

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Hello, I wanted to confirm the information on the agenda that there will be a baby information fair in Delft on Saturday October 11 at the Grotius College at Juniusstraat 8 in Delft. It is called the Delft MaMa multicultural baby information fair. The official opening is at 12:00 and the event will stop at 16:00. Parking for cars and bikes is available. Free entrance to workshops and presentations from local organizations ( Dutch and expat) for women who plan to be pregnant, are already pregnant and have a newborn baby. The Reinier de Graaf maternity ward, the Consultatie Bureau (baby wellness clinic) Careyn kraamzorg (home nurses who take care of the baby and mother after the birth), baby massage, 1st aid for infants and children (Dutch Red Cross Rode Kruis and Great expectations), osteopath specilialized in babies and children, childbirth preparation and a lot more! The list of participants will be available next week on the frontpage of our website at www.delftmama.nl . A couple of workshops in English are to be confirmed by then. This fair is organized by Delft MaMa (Delft Maternity And Motherhood Assistance) and is sponsored by the City of Delft and Foundation 1818 and Skanfonds. Hoping to see some of you there, Lucie www.delftmama.nl

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My kids and I will be on our own this half term as my partner is going away, has anyone tried any of the Centre Parks in Holland?

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My Mum is coming to visit at half term, first time she has ever been to Holland. She used to watch and love a programme about an English detective or he was maybe Dutch, anyway we think the programme was called Van den or der Valk. Does anyone know if it was located in Amersterdam or The Hague? she'd like to see where they made the programme.

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There have been some biscuits recalled here in Holland, does anyone know which ones they were?

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Yesterday I received in the post something about for my child, I have no idea what I am supposed to do with them and if the line up with the vaccinations we already had in the UK

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Hello, I am currently a student at the University of Leiden; I am doing a masters in Child and Family Studies. Prior to starting my course I completed a diploma course with Hornsby to become a dyslexia tutor. I have experience of working with children on an individual basis providing both homework and specific dyslexia support. A usual session is 1 hour long and takes place in the child's home on a weekly basis. If you are looking for someone to support your child or if you have any further questions, please get in touch.

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Hi all we are in the process of finding out about the Dutch equivalent of preschool, called peuterspeelen (bad spelling probably). Children go there from 2 years and 3 months and 4 years. The amount you pay is based on your wage, but to be honest most people will be in the top amount (3,000 euros a month or more). It will cost us 32 euros per morning session (2 and a half hours). I am stunned, I think that is hugely expensive, especially as in England it is free from 3 years till 5 years, and that is 5 sessions a week if you want it and also if you want extra it is about £7.50 a session. How do they get away with it here?? we are now seriously considering whether a) we can afford it, as 1 morning a week isn't great for a child, they really need 2 so that they get into the swing of it, and b) do we want to spend 250 - 300 euros a month on this, that would pay for our flights home and god knows what else!! what are anyones thoughts on this??

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In the UK, October is Breast cancer aware month, is it the same in Holland, and there are any events we can support?

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Ww have been invited to our Dutch neighbour's daughter's wedding in November, what would the dress protocol be? Smart, more casual as the Dutch seem to be, do the women wear hats at Weddings? Thank you for you advice

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I have just come to the Hague with my husband who has to travel a lot. I am here with a young baby, 8 weeks, she is my first and she cries continually (maybe she miss her Daddy!) Is them help team or support centre I can go and find some help?

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Any one know if there are any model agencies around the Hague area?

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Where can I buy or get access to a cash and carry card to VEN? Everyone's talking about how good the food is there.

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My sister in law is coming to visit with a 6 week old baby, we were wondering if there are places you can go and breast feed like you can in the UK? Do the bigger department stores have a breast feeding facility?

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Hello we are coming over to visit in the October half tem and wonder if there were some interesting places to stay. As an example in a windmill or on a Dutch barge. All ideas welcome!

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Hello AngloINFO. This Tuesday we have a school holiday because it's Princesday. My kids want to see the Queen and the golden carrage. Is it easy to get to the Hague and to see anything and what happens with the trams, do they still run? Thanks Ta

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Master student at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague gives Piano lessons. Experienced with children and adults; graduated in Pedagogy. Lessons given in english or french. Possibility of teaching at the student's house.

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Does anyone know about swimming lessons? I need to get them up to speed but having talked to some of the Mum's in the class it seems to take and age to get them up to a diploma level. There's one Mum who has been going for 3 years in Wassenaar and she's still waiting for a diploma. Is there a fast track way of getting them through this? Spi

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Hi, I'm finding that when I buy a top or blouse here the sleeves are much to long. Is there a shop that sells normal length sleeves (female)in Holland? Spi

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Hi, I think I would like to get some general understanding of the Dutch Language, I just really want to get a general overview and be able to have a conversation, not really spending hours on learning grammer. There's a lot of choice, looking for a recomendation. Cheers

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