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I understand that there are to be new rules on a dutch person marrying a foreigner, does anyone have any information about this as it may affect my son who was born here and is planning to marry and Australian girl he has met whilst working there.

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When renting a house short term, who is responsible for the building insurance - us or the Landlord?

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I have friends who live in the UK but rent their house out near Roermond and after only a few months the tenants have stopped paying the rent. Can anyone please advise on how my friends could set about evicting them?

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I am hoping to go traveling in Namibia starting in July, and wondered if anyone can recommend an Insurance provider. Thanks for any replies.

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Anyone have any experience of setting up a small business (re-upholstery)? Is there a lot of red tape involved?

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Anyone give me any advice on this please, leaving for a year and want to let my house out but not sure where to start.

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I have discovered that I have got several payments that have gone through twice and the bank just don't want to know, even though it was their fault due to a system error.  I now have to contact all the companies that I paid myself and try to get the second payment reversed - surely it is down to the bank if they were in error.  I am now looking for a different bank.

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I caught a headline this morning saying that the Netherlands would be better off out of the euro. Is this serious?

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I bought a laptop from a local store several months ago and it has been nothing but trouble, constantly going wrong. I want the store to exchange it or give me my money back but they refuse. Is there some kind of consumer organisation I can contact?

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I am taking part in a Gumball Rally next year and need insurance to cover me for about 3 weeks to enable me to take part as a driver and for the car - any clues as to a company who might do it as my own insurance company won't.

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Can anyone advise me what I need in the way of documentation here to arrange a mortgage - I don't want to ask a mortgage company or the bank until I am sure that this is the way to go so just looking for info at the moment.

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How do you go about getting planning permission over here to build an extention to a property?

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Is there a Dutch equivalent to the UK Trading Standards people. We have bought some furniture which was faulty and the store refuses to change it or take it back.

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How does one go about making a will over here please?

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Is it easy to change banks over here?

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Hi all I read the info page on what is required to open a bank account in The Netherlands. We are looking to move to Heerlen to be near our daughter,partner and grandson, we also have a son, daughter-in-law and two grandchildren in Cologne, so the hassle is this if we buy a property over there we don't have an address ( except our daughter's) we don't have a residence permit, so how do we open a bank account so we can transfer money to purchase a property.  

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I am trying to make sense of the fees which Paypal charge on customer transactions on the website (the customer doesn't get charged but the business using Paypal does) in EUR and GBP.  There doesn't seem to be a set percentage as I have tested this theory out with various sales but the amounts are always a different percentage.  Does anybody know whether there is a percentage of the sale PLUS a set sum?

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I see that Sterling seems to be at its lowest for a long time. Can anyone explain why? And is it likely to continue downwards?

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My husband does quite a lot of carpentry as a hobby, and recently he's been asked by people to make articles of furniture and toys, so he's thinking of organising himself in a more businesslike way. He will presumably need to register with the tax authorities. Anything else?

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Do I need to get permission to put up a fairly large shed in my back garden?

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