started by: America-378440 · last update: 1442579461 · posted: 1442219915

Has anyone got one for a Christmas Cake and Pudding please - guests for mas and one is gluten intolerant - not got a clue where to start with this.

started by: Marvin-378263 · last update: 1431520679 · posted: 1431332143

Are there any cookery schools that teach Sushi in Maastricht please, wife is looking for one.

started by: Papa-378538 · last update: 1430387120 · posted: 1429557845

Does anyone know of any in the Roermond area? My father is visiting and says he toured one in the Sixties, when he was stationed here.

started by: maggs-378571 · last update: 1427489270 · posted: 1427361931

Can someone recommend one please?

started by: Tamsin-378587 · last update: 1424179793 · posted: 1424088972

My neighbour has asked why Pancakes and the fact that traditionally we serve Lemon and sugar are a UK thing - I don't know - does anyone know why?

started by: petal-378354 · last update: 1419847311 · posted: 1419676185

Any ideas? We have visitors who don't like curry :-(

started by: Noddy-379095 · last update: 1415965543 · posted: 1415965543

I wonder if anyone has been on a brewery visit here?  If so, I'd be grateful for info on which brewery and how you go about arranging it.

started by: Blue-378382 · last update: 1414100352 · posted: 1413990184

Need a few halloween costumes for a party, where is the best place to get them from?

started by: Tamsin-378587 · last update: 1413990288 · posted: 1411382802

Do they sell it over here - not found it in the supermarket near me and love it for cold winter nights.

started by: Bertha-835611 · last update: 1412848037 · posted: 1412494110

Is it just Brandy that you can soak fruit in to make a 'Rumtoff' or can you use any alchohol?

started by: Dee-378340 · last update: 1409434478 · posted: 1409349632

I'm told the government are planning to ban sweets from supermarket checkouts. Seems like a good idea - what do people think?

started by: Tamsin-378587 · last update: 1408098767 · posted: 1407927532

My son wants a cake that looks like Pongo from 101 Dalmatians, I have search online and the only one I can find is on the Waitrose site but they will not deliver one to here so am stuck with making one - anyone have any ideas on how I get the shape and how I get it covered smoothly - kids!

started by: Zeta-378239 · last update: 1407848879 · posted: 1407488414

Has anyone tried  Bakgigant in Eindhoven yet and if so what is it like?

started by: CherryB-379166 · last update: 1407488964 · posted: 1407021952

Where can I get this in bulk please - need rather a lot of it.

started by: maggs-378571 · last update: 1403777189 · posted: 1403270623

Does anybody know/can recommend a Sushi restaurant in or near Venlo please?  My cousin is over to stay and she is a sushi fanatic.

started by: Loulou-378283 · last update: 1403035267 · posted: 1402388653

Organising a large BBQ and am thinking about having a pig roast, has anyone got any clues of a butcher who does this in the Breda area.

started by: BJ-835612 · last update: 1401097834 · posted: 1400936811

Going to Brussels tomorrow and thought that we would stop off for Lunch en-route so a stop off in Breda for a bit of an explore and to eat but as never been there before could do with a few recommendations.

started by: Hodges · last update: 1400266526 · posted: 1400146937

Anyone know of a company that do Hog Roasts at a party - looking for one for my 40th in July which we are holding in our garden.

started by: Loulou-378283 · last update: 1399283690 · posted: 1399196240

How do you tell if a Mango is ripe - keep buying them and either not ripe or too ripe.

started by: Marvin-378263 · last update: 1394541047 · posted: 1394091586

Anyone made one - fancy having a go but can't find any instructions on how to go about making one.

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