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i always add Gin when making Pimms and Lemonade but a friend says that you use just pimms and Tonic water - so who is right me or her?


Pom-378285 1430386336

I don't know if it is the right way but I add Gin and Borage too if I can find it and Lemonade for me.

Zeta-378239 1430692388

Must be Gin and must be lemonade - lovely stuff.

Jupiter-379084 1443441179

As a matter of interest, I seem to recall there were other types of Pimms - No 1, No. 2, etc.

Are they still available? I'm not a Gin fan but I believe there was a brandy based Pimms.

Dee-378340 1443455404

None of the other varieties are sold any more - see this interesting article


Jupiter-379084 1443479557

What a shame! I quite fancy the brandy-based Pimms :-D

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