started by: Tootsie-379096 · last update: 1441643472 · posted: 1441643472

Does anybody know any good self defence/martial arts classes for a beginner adult please? Eindhoven area.

started by: Dee-378340 · last update: 1439817323 · posted: 1439506346

I am looking for a good physiotherapist in Eindhoven who has experience with patients with herniated discs. I found a list of physios but would love to have a personal recommendation

started by: Chinadoll-378253 · last update: 1438860772 · posted: 1438860772

Has anyone tried ths and if so where and what is it like?

started by: Ruby-925110 · last update: 1432925912 · posted: 1432457792

I have heard that there is a Yoga Festival held in Eindhoven does anyone know when it is please?

started by: CherryB-379166 · last update: 1429228209 · posted: 1427719481

I think I need glasses, could anyone recommend a good opticians in Breda please.

started by: Noddy-379095 · last update: 1427489062 · posted: 1427110598

Someone told me that the government are about to ban these to under 18s. Does anyone know if the ban is for the sale of them, or smoking them?

started by: maggs-378571 · last update: 1425926836 · posted: 1425767565

need an osteopath Venlo area for my son - sports injury. Any recommendations welcome.

started by: Bryony-779018 · last update: 1420701909 · posted: 1420632381

I have just moved to Maastricht  and wonder if anyone can recommend a gym in Maastricht please?

started by: Bryony-378477 · last update: 1417385947 · posted: 1417385947

Can anyone please advise me on the name of a good dentist in Maastricht

started by: rainbow-379185 · last update: 1411745036 · posted: 1411034911

Two friends and I are planning a weekend before Xmas and would appreciate any recommendations for a really great spa hotel within 50-60 kilometres of Maastricht.

started by: Tamsin-378587 · last update: 1409434597 · posted: 1409434597

I have been suffering from migraines lately and a friend suggested I try Indian Head Massage - anyone else get migraines and tried this - if so does it work?

started by: JPR-378125 · last update: 1408615448 · posted: 1407835676

Does anybody know a good sports medicine doctor and/or therapist?  Den Bosch area Thanks!!

started by: Hodges · last update: 1403101476 · posted: 1402505393

Is it just me or is it particularly bad this year  pils are not effective and suffering badly.

started by: Gina-835674 · last update: 1402310524 · posted: 1401956081

Just moved to Breda and need to find a doctor - could anyone recommend one please

started by: Gina-835674 · last update: 1401955985 · posted: 1401955985

I have just moved to Breda and in dire need of a good hairdresser for cut and colour - any recommendations please.

started by: Zeta-378239 · last update: 1399452640 · posted: 1399283807

Where can i get fitted for a bra over here in Maastricht - I am fed up with ill fitting ones.

started by: Loulou-378283 · last update: 1396000094 · posted: 1396000094

My husband has been told he has Shingles - what exactly is Shingles and what causes it?

started by: Snapper-378282 · last update: 1392290328 · posted: 1391794782

My mother lives in the UK and has developed Alzheimers, we cannot move back home but would like to bring her here to care for her.  How can I do this?  Will she be covered by our health system or will I have to pay for her medication/docto/consultant costs?

started by: Pom-378285 · last update: 1386599631 · posted: 1386011445

Is it safe, I have so many lines above my top lip that I am seriously considering it, anyone had this done and what was it like?

started by: Zeus-378908 · last update: 1385114541 · posted: 1385060974

Are there any that have English help lines in the Netherlands please?  It is for a friend who has just been diagnosed with cancer.

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