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Is it me or is it much dearer here than in the UK?

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Can anyone recommend one who will do our house in Eindhoven.

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As we are only back over for a year we have rented a furnish houe, however it is a bit sparse and I would like to get a few bits to add to it without the problem of selling or shippong them home at the end of our year here.  Do they have places where you can rent furniture over here as they do in the USA?

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Hello everybody. I’m an adult person and it’s really boring to live without a partner. So please, recommend me a cool dating platform where I can find a woman for building 

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Hello. Does anyone know where we can buy a large decent quality sisal rug (or other natural fibre rug)? Either online or locally (Maastricht)

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Hello everybody. I’m an adult person and it’s really boring to live without a partner. So please, recommend me a cool dating platform where I can find a woman for building 

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Can anyone suggest an evergreen climbing plant to grow up a wall, I would like flowers on the plant at some oint during the year and if it grows quickly even better.

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Can i cut down a branch of my neighbours tree (he rents the house as is in the far east at the moment) without having to get his permission first?  It is quite rotten and is right over my garden shed.

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I'm needing a floor space of about 15 meters to be laid with 20cm x 30cm floor tiles.  Does anyone have any idea how much I'm likely to be charged for a job like this to be done?  I'm wondering if I'm likely to be charged per meter of laying it or whether it'll be a day rate.  Does anyone have any idea of roughly how much it would cost for either option?

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Can anyone please point me in the direction of a tree surgeon in the Roermond area?

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Will they grow in the soil around the Maastricht area as been told to put them in pots as the soil here is wrong.  An old boy I was chatting to said that to plant them in soil here is like them getting Anemia!

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Hello, I am just wondering where would be the best place to purchase an Above Ground Swimming Pool for a property that we are purchasing near Venlo, or would we be better to buy one in the UK and have it shipped over? Many thanks

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Any one know where I can  get just a couple of replacement floorboards (Oak) from?

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Can someone recommend a good kitchen design company please.

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Can anyone tell what the cost of having this done is please?

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Can anyone recommend a specialist cleaner who can clean heavy velvet curtains please?

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Will schools in the Netherlands take on pupils for just a couple of terms, I may have to transfer to our offices in the Netherlands which means that my daughter will need to come with me - she is 7 years old.  The company have offered to pay for a school so any private schools you can recommend in the Breda area.

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Hi our wifi doesn't reach to all parts of our house.  I have been told that we could add a wifi booster but don't really understand what this is and whether it would solve our problem. Is this something we could buy here or on Ebay for example and use  and if so, is it easy enough to do. Any advice would be so gratefully received, thank you.

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Where can I find someone who will make a piece of furniture for a very odd shape and measurement to go in a part of my lounge.

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Do I need permission to cut a large tree down which is near our house (on our land) ?

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