started by: Thelma-371523 · last update: 1179417204 · posted: 1179242918

Does anyone know if the Tulips are still around for a visit?

started by: Holland 59-371592 · last update: 1179397762 · posted: 1179305275

This is something I've never seen here, can you buy slow cookers here in Holland

started by: Bea-371346 · last update: 1179226676 · posted: 1179138835

Does anyone have a stair gate they would like to sell me? I live in the Hague area, can collect.

started by: Sunflower-371752 · last update: 1178975548 · posted: 1178907510

This is always a stressful thing to do, how bad is it in Holland?

started by: Georgie-371590 · last update: 1178877334 · posted: 1178615735

Is there a system in Holland where it is cheaper to run electrical things such as the dishwasher/washing machine at night so it is cheaper?

started by: Sunflower-371752 · last update: 1178805410 · posted: 1178781568

We are buying this house, and we have to have an inspection for an oil tank, what's that all about?

started by: Sunflower-371752 · last update: 1178804594 · posted: 1178740181

We have fallen in love and are just about to put in an offer on a house with a thatched roof, does anyone have any experience of this, is it expensive to maintain, fire risk etc.. All help appreciated, only have until the weekend to decide!

started by: Holland 59-371592 · last update: 1178715594 · posted: 1178665782

I have just moved into a house with a shady garden. Are there any green fingered people out there who can tell me which plants would do well?

started by: Jennifer-371314 · last update: 1178280731 · posted: 1178022285

What does Holland do in the way of environmental rubbish collection?Jennifer

started by: Cynthia-371672 · last update: 1177685108 · posted: 1177679504

Is there still time and go and see the Tulips or have they finished now?

started by: Troy-371591 · last update: 1177403851 · posted: 1177350147

For those of you planning a spot of gardening this weekend I noticed that Life and Garden are open on Sunday 29th from 11:00 - 17:00 hrs and on Monday 30th from 9:00 - 17:00hrs. Happy Gardening!!

started by: Cynthia-371672 · last update: 1177062824 · posted: 1176971918

Hi, I am here with my husband on a 2 month sabatical here for the Internatonal Law Courts. I am from the USA and I have so many questions for you guys out there! To start how do all the different garbage bins work and what does each colour bin represent?

started by: Hank-371288 · last update: 1176892385 · posted: 1176822206

I recently bought a second hand under-counter Bosch fridge. Its very good, but it does smell of liverwurst, I think I made a mistake buying it from from a German lady. Can anyone suggest ways in which I can de-liverwurst it. I've tried bleach, washing-up liquid and bi-carb but the smell persists. I recon she must have had sausage in there since she first bought the fridge. Any ideas will be tried and reported back. Thanks in advance.Hank

started by: Yoka-371598 · last update: 1176719015 · posted: 1176713578

I have a large family and work full time. Some of my neighbours have mentioned it is possible to hire a polish or chech housekeeper for a reasonable price. Is this true? Would I have to pay minimum wage? They said not but I think they could be employing them illegally.?

started by: Freddy-371633 · last update: 1176377393 · posted: 1176230263

We are going to be away from May until September in France to renovate a house we have just brought there, we need some one to come and house sit and look after our 2 cats.

started by: Sally-371441 · last update: 1175939326 · posted: 1175871504

I want and try to get out in the garden this holiday weekend, where is the best place to get some pansies and shrubs for the garden, not too expensive?

started by: Penny-371589 · last update: 1175645029 · posted: 1175537761

I need to get some curtains made, can anyone suggest somewhere?

started by: Bunny-371309 · last update: 1175270083 · posted: 1174228433

I am about to rent a house for a 2 year period starting in the spring. We have a small and functional kitchen but the second time I went back to look at the house I realised there is no oven! The estate agent told me that this is not uncommon in Holland, a lot of kitchens come with out an oven! Do they not cook?

started by: Doris-371445 · last update: 1175185136 · posted: 1174694062

This is the time of year when I am so inspired by all the wonderful flowers and bulbs on offer to us! I would love to know if there is somewhere I could go to learn how to recreate these spectacular flower displays we are surrounded by.Doris

started by: joanpears-371300 · last update: 1173713292 · posted: 1173012245

Does anyone know what the rules are regarding trees in town gardens? There is a huge tree in our neighbours garden , it is higher than our house and cuts off a lot of light.Also on the other side we have Leyladi trees that are straggly and need pruning back . I don't want to fall out with all my neighbours but am interested to know what can be done!!Joan

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