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As we are only back over for a year we have rented a furnish houe, however it is a bit sparse and I would like to get a few bits to add to it without the problem of selling or shippong them home at the end of our year here.  Do they have places where you can rent furniture over here as they do in the USA?

started by: Marvin-378263 · last update: 1406137962 · posted: 1405936458

Am I right in thinking that the technical specification document needed for building a new house is called Bouwbesluit does anyone know where to get this from?

started by: Chinadoll-378253 · last update: 1406012937 · posted: 1405850290

Our old BBQ has finally expired and we are toying between a Weber or an Outback - has anyone got either and give me the pro's and con's of each as the Webers seem to be twice the price and can see hardly any difference between them.

started by: Fi-378228 · last update: 1405333370 · posted: 1405084351

Looking for a very large Ali BaBa terracotta plant pot any ideas where to order one from as will need it delivered.

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Is it me or is it much dearer here than in the UK?

started by: Bryony-378477 · last update: 1403776910 · posted: 1403534700

We are thinking about installing some solar panels. Does anyone know if there are any planning rules involved?

started by: CherryB-379166 · last update: 1401351727 · posted: 1400495646

I have a number of white ring marks on my beautiful coffee table - any ideas how to get rid of them, I can't strip it as it has an intrcate pattern incorporated into the top.

started by: Angie-378122 · last update: 1398546223 · posted: 1397986630

Can anyone suggest which variety of apple tree to buy and plant which will give us a good crop of cooking apples? I haven't seen any Bramleys in local garden centres.

started by: Tamsin-378587 · last update: 1395651108 · posted: 1395259143

I only need a few for clothes and personal items, where is the best place to buy them please?

started by: Pom-378285 · last update: 1395134825 · posted: 1395134825

Has anyone any ideas where I can get some very large ones that don't cost the earth.

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I need to get a gardener in to sort out our garden any clues what the going rate is here.

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Anyone know of a stable around Maastricht area that you can get manure from?

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Can anyone suggest a computer repairer in Tilburg please?

started by: Anreka · last update: 1392716191 · posted: 1391604010

I have just bought a flat in Maastricht which I plan to rent out, however I need to furnish it so can anyone tell me the best second hand shops to go to for this sort of thing in the area.

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Recomendation for an Electrician in Maastricht area please.

started by: MikeB-378368 · last update: 1390211928 · posted: 1390211928

Can anybody recommend a good tiler, Fitting a new shower  and need a tiler as i am useless at tiling.

started by: Tamsin-378587 · last update: 1388224207 · posted: 1387812878

Are they OK to use over here - OH ays yes but don't want to blow all our electrics, especially at this time of year.

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Where can we take our real tree to be recycled after Christmas.

started by: Hodges · last update: 1387299697 · posted: 1385633510

Can anyone please recommend a company who can insulate our loft - Maastricht area.

started by: Barbara Seville-378473 · last update: 1385981265 · posted: 1385981265

Has anyone seen any really small Xmas trees for sale anywhere? (Eindhoven area) We don't have space for the 5-6 foot trees that I've seen on sale but would like a small one to go on a table.

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