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Any ideas where I can get one of these please, looking for a holly design.

started by: JJ-378126 · last update: 1383855049 · posted: 1383855049

Any suggestions please where I can buy some joinery quality timber in the Tilburg area?

started by: RuggerNutter-378214 · last update: 1382965057 · posted: 1382685061

Any recommendation for the Eindhoven area please?  

started by: Thomas-379230 · last update: 1376156333 · posted: 1369174576

Hi Can anyone in The Netherlands tell me if it is possible to get UK Sky TV I don't mean the sports as I watch Sky in the UK and we will be moving to The Netherlands soon.

started by: maggs-378571 · last update: 1375355406 · posted: 1375180475

We're visiting the UK shortly and I'd like to bring back a couple of Russet apple trees back with me to plant in our garden. Are we allowed to import trees?

started by: petal-378354 · last update: 1375094508 · posted: 1374865523

I'm thinking of buying a set of ceramic kitchen knives. Has anyone got some? Are they as good as the makers claim?

started by: Explorer-386899 · last update: 1371253255 · posted: 1371112806

Good morning.  We have a package with KPN but the land line telephone call charges are very expensive.  Skyping is fine but we cannot do that with everyone.  Does anyone use PhoneExpat or some such for international calls?  Can anyone recommend a good company to go with?   Thanks in advance.

started by: Tootsie-379096 · last update: 1370854336 · posted: 1370289163

My good old Hoover has finally given up the ghost, so I need to buy a new one. Any suggestions please? Must be good at picking up pet hair :-)

started by: Explorer-386899 · last update: 1370262367 · posted: 1370262367

Does anyone go regularly from South West Brittany up to the Maastricht region with a van?   We would like to shift some small furniture items, like a bed settee and a spare bed up from there - not a full house move, therefore, for relatives starting in a new home.   Any advice is welcome and thanks in advance.

started by: Loulou-378283 · last update: 1369910563 · posted: 1369417013

Are there any slug pellets on the market that don't harm pets and if so what are they called ?

started by: Amanda D-379206 · last update: 1367313095 · posted: 1366640749

I have bought some flower plants for our garden. Is there likely to be any more hard frosts, or would it be safe to plant them now?

started by: Walnutter-378907 · last update: 1366205076 · posted: 1365598087

My neighbour has told me that I should only plant mint in pots in my garden as it spreads like wildfire if planted in the ground.  Is this true?  I have just built a raised bed to make a herb garden and am now worried that it will take over having put it close to other herbs that I have planted.

started by: RuggerNutter-378214 · last update: 1366202409 · posted: 1366202409

Garden needs a good feed and wondered where I can get horse manure from which is already bagged - had an offer from a local stable but would need to hire a trailer and shovel my own which does not appeal to me.

started by: Pom-378285 · last update: 1366056775 · posted: 1365716206

Are you allowed to bring plants back in a car from the UK.

started by: America-378440 · last update: 1365598466 · posted: 1364939376

Where can I get really great quality thick towels in very large sizes here.

started by: Holly-378119 · last update: 1363337689 · posted: 1362089659

Hi, we have a couple of very large manual shutters that I would like to replace with electric ones.  Any suggestions as to where I might go for this would be appreciated.  Thanks.  (I have no idea how much this will cost- each set of doors is about 2m wide...)   Heerlen area

started by: Loulou-378283 · last update: 1363108480 · posted: 1363090569

Looking for some modern and comfortable garden seating for our decked area.  Where is the best place to buy this sort of thing?

started by: Terry Bull-378765 · last update: 1362168136 · posted: 1361616857

Hi. Does anyone know where we can get railway sleepers from? Maastricht area. Thanks.

started by: Explorer-386899 · last update: 1361179555 · posted: 1361179555

Could anyone recommend a reliable Central heating engineer/ plumber in the Maastrich area? Thanks in advance.

started by: maggs-378571 · last update: 1360932484 · posted: 1359669836

We are looking for a scrap dealer in the Roermond/Venlo area that will take away 3 Fridges a washer, old raidiators.

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