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Can someone recommend a good quality tree nursery - preferably not too far from Den Bosch?

started by: Trixie-379093 · last update: 1360054547 · posted: 1360054547

Can anyone give me an idea of approximate cost of running a 1kw or 2kw electric heater? Not the fan type. I think they are called convection heaters. It’s to keep the chill off a large room. Any advice on the best make and where to get one would also be appreciated.

started by: Holly-378119 · last update: 1358848687 · posted: 1358848687

My father-in-law has two large Chinese carpets that need steam cleaning. Can anyone recommend a business for this? I don't mind if they collect and clean or if they clean them at the house, I just can't find who to call and would love to get a recommendation. Many thanks!

started by: Rollo-378128 · last update: 1358798518 · posted: 1358798518

I am looking to buy a nice second hand interior door. Any ideas? Eindhoven

started by: Zeus-378908 · last update: 1358590043 · posted: 1358414735

Where can I get a lawn mower serviced, not urgen but would like to get it done in readiness for when I do need it.

started by: Vance-378284 · last update: 1358414873 · posted: 1357987371

Need a bulk load where can I get this sort of stuff?

started by: Ella-378657 · last update: 1357993958 · posted: 1357993958

Can someone recommend a reliable kitchen fitter please? - Tilburg area.

started by: Angie-378122 · last update: 1357854203 · posted: 1357748166

Can someone recommend a professional cleaner for our white leather sofa?  I have used the damp cloth method but after 2 years it's time to get the professionals in but I don't know where to look!

started by: Chinadoll-378253 · last update: 1357746326 · posted: 1357684085

Any ideas where I can get it in bulk?

started by: MikeB-378368 · last update: 1357565912 · posted: 1357224655

Is there a list online of all the outlet shops in the Netherlands - I have found the Timberland one and just wondered who else has outlet shops over here.

started by: melanie-379178 · last update: 1357160362 · posted: 1356649185

Can anyone tell me where I might get some? I've tried some of the local supermarkets but no luck.

started by: Jackdaw-378850 · last update: 1356730803 · posted: 1356730803

What´s currently the best package for Internet, TV and Telephone at home?

started by: maggs-378571 · last update: 1356648979 · posted: 1354880546

Can someone please suggest a tree surgeon? I have a tree that needs cutting back. Located between Roermond and Venlo.

started by: Bill B-379105 · last update: 1355482573 · posted: 1355482573

Just wondered - am I too late to plant crocus bulbs in the garden? I bought some and then forgot about them :-(

started by: Holly-378119 · last update: 1355301645 · posted: 1354912425

We are planning to replace our kitchen and we are looking for a farmhouse style kitchen.  Can anyone recommend any companies that they have used and been happy with.  Or vice versa, anyone to steer clear of!!  Many thanks. Breda area

started by: CherryB-379166 · last update: 1354259551 · posted: 1354259551

Need to find one near Breda - any recommendations please?

started by: Chinadoll-378253 · last update: 1353344410 · posted: 1353068130

Is it too late to plant snowdrop bulbs this year?

started by: Vance-378284 · last update: 1352709341 · posted: 1352365963

We have a holly bush in our garden which is full of berries, I remember hearing that if a holly bush has lots of berries then it is going to be a hard winter.  Is this true or just an old wives tail?

started by: rainbow-379185 · last update: 1351585771 · posted: 1351284496

My hydrangeas have finished now and the flowers have all gone brown. Should I prune the bushes back or just take the dead flower heads off?

started by: The Grockles · last update: 1350988639 · posted: 1348780533

We are planning to buy a good quality TV here. Can anyone tell us if it will be OK if we take it with us when we move back to the UK next year?

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