started by: Egghead-379097 · last update: 1340699426 · posted: 1340699426

Has anyone any experience of using the plaster which you can buy here? I have done some plastering in the past in the UK with thistle plaster. Any tips appreciated!

started by: Bryony-378477 · last update: 1327572488 · posted: 1327312577

Can someone recommend a plumber in the Tilburg area please. We are in the process of refitting our bathroom and need some expertise to finish off.

started by: maggs-378571 · last update: 1326365573 · posted: 1326365573

Hi,does anyone know if you need planning permission to put up solar panels and can you get a grant if they are for electric and heating

started by: Vance-378284 · last update: 1316627840 · posted: 1316627840

Anyone know where I can buy horse manure from - need well rotted stuff not the stuff that you get from stables.

started by: Jasper-379104 · last update: 1313745965 · posted: 1313745965

Who should I contact to dispose of an old fridge? I know in the UK they have to be specially disposed of due to the gases.

started by: Shortiao-378856 · last update: 1302763992 · posted: 1301897090

Pots, plants.....seeds for chilli, coriander, thyme et al....I tried a place in Lenderweg called ' Best Quality Seeds ' and asked if he had any coriander seeds....his response was 'I've never tried it before'.Then I noticed all the bongs and other smoking devices behind me.

started by: Angie-378122 · last update: 1298028289 · posted: 1297946504

Can anyone recommend someone who can come and fix the fridge door of my fridge/freezer? The hinge is broken. Eindhoven area.

started by: Angie-378122 · last update: 1292949435 · posted: 1278755499

We are thinking of having these. Does anyone have experience of them? We'd be interested in any feedback, as they're quite an expensive outlay.

started by: Walnutter-378907 · last update: 1289858643 · posted: 1288983921

We have just moved here and I need to find a Chimney Sweep any one know any around the Breda area please.

started by: maggs-378571 · last update: 1289680941 · posted: 1289589287

I've just been speaking to a friend who is a chef and she was raving about some ceramic knives she'd just bought. Has anyone any experience of them - and do you know if they can be obtained here (she bought them in France)?

started by: Fi-378228 · last update: 1289293674 · posted: 1282734130

Where is the best place to get these knives?

started by: 4ofus-378792 · last update: 1288971140 · posted: 1288971140

I have several unstained pine pieces of furniture. Does anybody know of a company or of someone who could paint them in a distressed style of finish. I live in The Hague. Thanks

started by: Jackdaw-378850 · last update: 1286710505 · posted: 1286445329

Our landlord has asked us to get some quotes for refurbishing our front driveway. Does anyone have any recommendations please? We are near Weert.

started by: doreen-378120 · last update: 1285845401 · posted: 1285698711

I have an older Bernina Sewing Machine that needs repairing. Does anyone know of a repair shop? I live near Rotterdam. But I am willing to travel.

started by: petal-378354 · last update: 1284564044 · posted: 1284215281

I need to put a long fence up in the garden to keep a dog in. It would be about 20 x 20 metres, Anybody got any ideas that might help. I was thinking about the green plastic coated wire but not of the price. Any advice?

started by: 4ofus-378792 · last update: 1284563755 · posted: 1284544119

I will be moving to the Hague on 3rd October. Can anybody tell me if its possible to set up a Sky satellite connection there I already have all the necessary 'boxes' etc working in the UK. Thanks

started by: Mongrel Muppet-373383 · last update: 1283377518 · posted: 1283079893

Good day to all.The recent flooding in The Hague has left us seriously considering moving out of our ground floor apartment (which flooded partially and will be leaving us with only half of the place usable for several months while it dries out and/or is repaired, not to mention possible long term or mold problems, and a whole host of other worries). I was wondering if anyone has experiences they might share regarding how difficult it is to move house here (specifically in The Hague, if possible.) Things to consider or watch out for? Things that you would have done differently or found out along the way that you wish someone had told you? Problems you ran into? We don't have a large household (just us two adults, no pets.) Any tips or suggestions would be most gratefully appreciated. This is a tough decision for us. Thank you.

started by: Papa-378538 · last update: 1278086898 · posted: 1277833669

Any tips for deterring our little carnivorous friends, when we're sitting out on the patio of an evening? We're quite close to the river and they've been a real nuisance these last few evenings.

started by: America-378440 · last update: 1276874761 · posted: 1276874761

We'd like to buy a couple of outdoor rocking chairs for the terrace. Has anyone seen any around anywhere?

started by: Rach-372838 · last update: 1273861825 · posted: 1273700402

want to get some quotes for our garden to be re-done - tiles up/new tiles down etc. Any body reccommend anybody?

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