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We have a patch of garden about 30m x 10m which has been overgrown for years and we want to clear it. A few questions... 1. If we cut down the brambles, nettles, etc. are we allowed to have a bonfire? 2. Someone suggested we use a rotovator to dig the plot up once we've cleared the vegetation, but I'm concerned that this will chop up the bramble and nettle roots and they will grow back twice as bad. What do you think???

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Is it safe to put my sweet peas out yet? They're taking over my cloches!

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My landlord is hiring some garden workers to take care of trimming a large tree and some general clean up. The only access to the garden is through my flat and they might be here for most of a day. Can anyone offer me any advice or tips on what to expect from Dutch workers in these circumstances? What might be expected of me? Should I offer them coffee and cookies or the use of the toilet or sink (for washing up)? Will they be insulted if I put newspaper or some other sort of protection from their boots and equipment down on my floors and rugs? There are also mice in the garden that I don't want in my flat, so I'd like to ask them to be sure the door is shut (it takes conscious effort to do this properly). Is that an OK thing to do? I'd appreciate any suggestions.Thank you!

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I want to put a Velux window into our roof which backs on to the neighbours garden. Does this require permission ? If so is it possible to get them with frosted glass, as its only to let light in above the stairs and would retain the neighbours privacy?

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I would like to bring over some plants from our garden in the UK, are there any rules regarding this and if so who do I get an import licence from?

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We intend to repaint the outside of our house in the spring. When we've done it in the UK in the past we've used Dulux Weathershield. Can you get it here and is it expensive? If it is we may hang on until we visit the UK in May and go to B&Q!

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I need to put some quick growing plants that will climb up a wall - I would like some that are evergreen and some that flower but have no idea what to get so need advice from the gardeners out there please.

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What is the best wood to look for when buying garden furniture and where is the best place to get it from please.

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I have seen people growing potatoes in stacks on old tires before anyone have any info on this?

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Whats the going rate for a cleaner here.

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I have recently found out that M&S are now delivering to the Netherlands. This is great news and I will be ordering things shortly. However, I have noticed that their delivery price is 12.50 GBP compared to 10.00 for France, Germany and Spain. Netherlands is lumped in with the likes of Albania, Belarus, etc.. Why? France, Germany, Spain £10.00 Approximately 6-9 days Albania, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Moldova, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland £12.50 Approximately 7-10 days I don't understand the logic, Netherlands is just across the water - there seems no sense in it. Does anyone have an explanation for this, in fact it might be useful for each of us to contact M&S and see what they have to say.

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Am I too late to plant tulip bulbs or any other bulbs for this year?

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Anyone know if it is possible to get a router for mobile broadband. as i have mobile broadband but we want to use two laptops at the same time without two contracts.

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Anyone grow their own veg here? What do you grow and any tips to get me started?

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Does anyone know of an architect to contact in France as I have a second home in Normandy , I want to improve the propertyThank you

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We need to install a new central heating system but which is the cheapest to run, electric or oil fired? Or anything else? We are in a fairly rural area.

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Hello, we are thinking of having an extension built onto the kitchen and was wondering if anyone knows of a good Interior designer. We have had a couple of Dutch people over but their designs are quite different, very stark and modern whereas we are a bit more traditional country kitchen types! I was wondering if anyone could recommend someone.Thanks

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I have been been over paying my Oxxio energy bill, somehow they have managed to create 2 accounts and they have been taking double the money every month. I am now owed 2,000 euro but trying to get it back is being really difficult, has anyone got any help on how I can get it back, this has been going on since May! some help please would be appreciated..

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Would someone be able to explain about how buying a new house here works? There is a new development being built that we are intersted in near Leidschendam but I am confused from what I can understand you are given a house or plot of land on a 'lottery basis', it seems that you apply for the house you are interested in then you go to a meeting and when they call your number out you are allowed to choose your house and/or plot and if all the houses you like are gone then its too bad! Is this really true?

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I have a lot of renovation work about to happen on my new home, I have sourced a skip but are there any regulations I need to be aware of before I order one, is there any paperwork with the council to be filled in before I go ahead and order it?

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