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Hi, I've been to the garden centre today and there are geraniums out for sale, I would have thought it would still be a bit early to leave them out. Is it likely to still have some frosts here?

started by: Pixie-372836 · last update: 1240218758 · posted: 1239975170

Is it possible to get cake liners here? I've seen them used in Vroom and Dressman but wondered if they were available for sale?

started by: Joyce S-372930 · last update: 1240152780 · posted: 1240143903

Hi, quick question, we are in The Hague, are there any garden centres open today in the surrounding areas?

started by: Buster-372468 · last update: 1239926263 · posted: 1239284097

My contract is now going to be a permenant positon and we are thinking about buying a house in Holland, but what I really am thinking and know that some others have done this is to buy a small house here and another cottage of flat some where with a better climate, and bigger gerden. I was wondering if any other forum members have tried this and perhaps recommend an area where we could get to fairly easily by car.

started by: Andy Pandy-372768 · last update: 1239795711 · posted: 1239717985

Hi, I think that's what they are called, they are for keeping the bed covers off the legs etc..I have an aunty coming to stay and she needs one, would it also be possible to have her dressing looked at whilst she is here?

started by: Jolly Roger-372802 · last update: 1239707072 · posted: 1239640747

Any one suggest where I can buy lead for my roof, I live outside the Hague, price indication would also be a help.Cheers

started by: Gerda-371636 · last update: 1238224077 · posted: 1238004327

I understand that this Saturday is National Open House Day in The Netherlands, could someone explain how it works because it's not very clear. Are we able to turn up and knock on the door of a house which has a 'Te Koop sign' outside or do we still have to show up with the makkelaar?

started by: Nick-371338 · last update: 1237885402 · posted: 1237885402

I am waqnting ti build an extention on the back of ny house, what would be a reasonable cost per hour that a Dutch builder would quote? I have heard lots of different stories some as much as 53 euros an hour to 40 euros and hour. if anyone has some experience I'd be interested Nick

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There has just been an enviormental summit in Copenhagen and they think that sea levels are rising higher than first expected, as Holland is mostly built on reclaimed land do they have any precautions in place to prevent this happening?

started by: Mandy & Jim-372658 · last update: 1236883450 · posted: 1236769882

Hello, a friend is leaving and going back to OZ, we would like to buy them a proffeterje pan as that has been their favourite feast since living here, is it possible to buy them some where?

started by: Red Devil-376016 · last update: 1236769500 · posted: 1236345290

Does anyone know where I can get large pieces of Foam to re-upholster furniture? I live in The Hague but will travel is needs be. ps..What is the Ductch for Foam?

started by: Honey-371724 · last update: 1236694733 · posted: 1236607139

Hello, I am cooking dinner this weekend and I need to know the Dutch for sea bass please.

started by: Rach-372838 · last update: 1236368153 · posted: 1236245994

Hi - is any one else fed up with the amount of people knocking on the door asking for money for charity? Last summer it was almost evry night it was happening and last week it has started again. I personally don't give money to the people, partly because I want to choose who I give it to (if at all) and secondly because I just think they have a bloody cheek coming to my house and asking for money. My standard answer is I am sorry, but my husband (who is Dutch) says that when the Dutch Government lower the taxes, then we will give to charity, until then I am sorry but we wont, but good luck with your collection. They generally say fair enough or good point!! But is there some kind of sticker (like there is for junk mail) saying don't knock on my door if you are from a charity!!

started by: Gerda-371636 · last update: 1236098846 · posted: 1236032013

I used to have some special beans that I could put into a pastry case so I could 'bake blind'. Over the years of moving I have lost them, would any know if I could buy them somewhere in Hollland? I seem to be doing more baking as I can't seem to find any decent pastry, the onlt stuff I can find is in small squares in the frozen department of the supermarket.

started by: DiDi-372681 · last update: 1236080239 · posted: 1223741706

Hello, which is the best sugar for making cakes? The basterd sugar doesn't seem to work, makes the cakes heavy and hard.

started by: Mouse-375951 · last update: 1235940411 · posted: 1235902233

Did anyone watch this weeks final? If so, does anyone know or have the recipe for the exploding pina colada that was made? I want to make one with the griddled pineapple, and they BBC haven't updated there website for about 2 years!

started by: Lilly Sand-375368 · last update: 1235810350 · posted: 1233678249

Where is it possible to find a big Supermarkt where you can go and buy things for the week. I seem to be in the Supermarket every day!

started by: Alpha Male-375801 · last update: 1235502175 · posted: 1235416490

Tomorrow is Shrove Tuesday traditionally the first day of Lent. We usually have pancakes, do the Dutch have pancakes as well? They seem to eat them as a regular meal and wondered if they did something special for tomorrow.

started by: Frankie-372517 · last update: 1234871047 · posted: 1234785931

We seem to have been recently plagued with sales calls around 6 p.m. in the evening, so far we have energy companies, telephone companies and some one trying to sell an Ajax signed football. Most of the time some of the saless people have limited Dutch, and we are not the owners of the house. That time is the 'witching hour' in our house when I have 2 small tired children to get fed and to bed. Is there a way of stopping these calls? In the UK there was a number you could ring and they would stop any callers.

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Help! Our pc has crashed, is there anyone who can recommend someone to get it fixed straight away, we are complelty lost without it!

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