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To celebrate Animal Day on the 4th October, Ikea will be having some special animal events happening in their Delft store.

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I recently moved to NYC and I'm very much confused about how to feed my dog in NYC. The place where I lived before had many dog meal suppliers that used to deliver dog food at my doorstep. Here in NYC I don't have much idea. Would love to know any suggestions regarding this.

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This is a must read for anyone who has a dog - we recently took our dogs to the med and took all the possible preventions possible, however many owners do not realise that there is a risk (a low one) here in the north of Europe. http://www.langfordvets.co.uk/diagnostic-laboratories/diagnostic-laboratories/pcr-acarus/list-acarus-tests/diseases-transmitted This is a map of areas throughout the world and the level of risk http://www.cvbd.org/en/occurrence-maps/world-map/

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Hi Does anyone know of a nice person/family in Venlo (or nearby area) that will look after a small dog in their own home?  Many thanks 

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Could anyone please give me some recommendations for a good professional cattery where our two colourpoints will be secure and well looked after!  Won't need to use the cattery until May next year, but would like to make an advance booking!!" Many thanks.

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Our cat has suddenly decided that he does not like any of his normal food and as we buy in bulk (currently have 98 packets of food he will not touch)  Are all cats like this or do we have an oddity?   Now off to the rescue centre to donate the 98 packets!

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Does anyone know a company that will cover a 9 year old dog with a past history of fitting?

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Need a collapsible one for the dog so she can get in the boot of our 4x4 any ideas of a local place in Breda that would sell these please.

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Are there any places around the Breda area that do this as I would like to try our older dog with it to see if it helps her mobility.

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We have to go back to the UK for a wedding in two weeks but can only stay 3 days including travel (by car) and are taking our dog with us.  As the journey back is on a Sunday can anyone tell us what is needed to get the dog back into the country (think they have to be wormed) and how far in advance can it be done before travel.

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Are these comfortable for the dog, we have a long journey to Spain to do in July and our dog likes to lay down and don't see how this is possible if they have a dog harness on.  What are other members experience with them please.

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Does anyone know what the rules are about walking dogs on beaches are over here as we are off to the coast for a week on Wednesday and taking the mutts with us.

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Looking for a company that ships dogs to Canada anyone recommend one please.

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Our new addition (lovely little kitten) is totally deaf, how do I ensure that she does not get hurt and does not wander off.  We have to wave at her to get her attention which is fine as long as she is not looking the other way.

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Can anyone recommend a cattery in the Maastricht area please or a pet sitting service that will come in twice a day to feed my cat whilst I am away for a long weekend.

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We have a long journey in the car at Christmas and are thinking of getting a safety harness for our dog, are they comfortable for dogs or will I be better off to let her lie down as she normally does on short journeys - she is very good and just tends to go to sleep.

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Is there such a thing over here as a register of Pet Sitters who are checked out and belong to an association?

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What is it and how contagious is it?  Our neighbours dog has it and we both walk our dogs together in the park and she has known for a week but is still continuing to walk hers and I only found out yesterday - should I get mine to the vet - I am sure ours has been inocculated but can't be sure.

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Is there a way of reporting an owner without being identified as the person reporting the problem over here as there is in the UK.

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I am sure that we have a hornets nest - how do I deal with them as worried that they will attack my dogs and cat (and us). They are enourmous so don't think they are wasps.

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