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Is there a club anywhere near Eindhoven or Maastricht that I can join - used to do this back home and really would like to get back into it.

started by: RuggerNutter-378214 · last update: 1442914145 · posted: 1440667428

Which bars in Maastricht will be showing the world cup - anyone know?

started by: JeffG-478598 · last update: 1434587239 · posted: 1434587239

Any Glamping sites in the Kraaijenbergse Plassen lake area ?  

started by: Vance-378284 · last update: 1434371391 · posted: 1433581774

Could anyone recommend  a massage therapist who is experience in Sports related injuries.?

started by: Bellamy-378281 · last update: 1432626348 · posted: 1431977888

anyone tell me what is considered an extreme sport as I have just been refused travel insurance under a normal policy for SCUBA diving - they will not cover me under the policy.

started by: Fi-378228 · last update: 1429299075 · posted: 1429299075

I used to play a lot and would like to take it up again, any other players out there or any clubs that I can join.  I live outside of Breda towards Tilburg so either area is good for me.

started by: Pom-378285 · last update: 1425548733 · posted: 1425294569

is there anywhere that I can learn to embroider, I have the basics but could  do with joining a group where I could learn a bit more.

started by: Chinadoll-378253 · last update: 1424088597 · posted: 1423686324

Does anybody know of amy in the Eindhoven area where I can learn how to use a sewing machine please?

started by: Blue-378382 · last update: 1423131722 · posted: 1422906415

Yet again violence and disruption ensued at yesterdays match between MVV and Roda JC.  Why must these people who obviously are not fan do this.  My neighbour and his two young boys were with me and witnessed some of these idiots behaviour and it spoilt the match and the whole day for them.  I for one will no longer go to a match and my neighbour has said the same.  Will support Rugby instead as have never wiitnessed and violence (well not on the terraces at least) jut a shame that the dutch don't favour the game as much as the UK.

started by: Noddy-379095 · last update: 1422886084 · posted: 1422397332

Does anyone know of a bar in Maastricht that will be showing the matches?

started by: SW11 · last update: 1415359472 · posted: 1415359472

Is there a bar in Eindhoven that will be showing the rugby internationals tomorrow - preferably all of them?

started by: maggs-378571 · last update: 1406407828 · posted: 1406407828

Does anyone know of any clubs around Maastricht that play mini rugby? My daughter (age 8) has been watching rugby on the Commonwealth Games and decided she'd like to give it a go.

started by: America-378440 · last update: 1404198130 · posted: 1403851045

The poor Englamd team arrived home yesterday all very low key from the pictures I saw, but who would have though my home country would still be in the world cup - well done the USA and good luck to the Netherlands for their match against Mexico.

started by: dafydd-835634 · last update: 1403270464 · posted: 1403270464

Any idea where I can watch the SA v Wales international in Eindhoven tomorrow? The two bars I've checked with are all showing soccer :-(

started by: Loulou-378283 · last update: 1402388415 · posted: 1402046859

Has anyone come across a swimming pool that does Swim Fit Spin classes - if so could you let me know where?

started by: ELOUISE · last update: 1401920588 · posted: 1401704127

Could anyone recommend a campsite that is not too far from Eindhven please.  Son and four friends are planning a trip during the summer break to The Netherlands and want to book in advance.

started by: Noddy-379095 · last update: 1398339775 · posted: 1398161082

Can anyone suggest a cricket club in the Eindhoven area, not too serious, as I used to play for the local village back in the UK.

started by: Loulou-378283 · last update: 1398080260 · posted: 1396642569

Now that the nights are getting lighter I wondered if anyone around Maastricht out there fancied a game of tennis ?

started by: maggs-378571 · last update: 1397159580 · posted: 1396643848

Are there any cricket clubs around Venlo/Roermond area? (hubby wants to start playing again)

started by: Loulou-378283 · last update: 1396642825 · posted: 1396000392

I would like to take a refresher course in watercolour painting, does anyone know of a course held over a weekend anywhere in the Netherlands?

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