Extreme Sports

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anyone tell me what is considered an extreme sport as I have just been refused travel insurance under a normal policy for SCUBA diving - they will not cover me under the policy.


Boogle-378167 1432123785

Fraid so as I had to take out a special insurance to do it in the Red Sea.

Bellamy-378281 1432189717

Where did you get it from and how much was it?

Boogle-378167 1432199306

My insurance company (AXA) did it as an add on - can't rmember how much it was though but think I paid an extra €50 for the month I was away.

Bellamy-378281 1432417531

Thanks, I will give Axa a call and see if they will cover me.

Chinadoll-378253 1432626348

Please do get covered, we have a friend who did this in Barbados and ended up in serious trouble due to the dive company and it nearly cost them their house as the wife had to remorgage their home back in the  UK to pay the medical bills and medi-care flight home as the company immediately ceased trading and they found that scuba diving was'nt covered.  

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