Hague Half Marathon

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Hi, I am doing a New Year fittness and training and someone suggested (as a joke) that I should run this years's half marathon in The Hague. So I'm going to show them I can do it and run for Charity, I just need some details about registering, when it is etc..


Paddy-372438 1203066310

Great idea, I'll train between the pubs, like O'Rileys, and O'Caseys and have a pint of Guiness at each stop, hmmmmm..... wonder how far I'll get!!!

Femke-372475 1203172332

Don't think you'd get far at all Paddy! Not so good for the waistline either.

Sam-372488 1203955963

Hi, found this about it, you can register on line.

Holland South What's On: Saturday, March 15, 2008

Eric Jan-371635 1204147356

If you miss this one there's also one held in Leiden, not sure of the dates though.

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