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What is the postion on being able to get Sky TV here. I'm confused as some say it's legal to have it here, some say not. Anyone know where I stand?


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Any Sky (SSSL) or UK free to view (FTV) contract restricts you to using the card needed to decode signals at a specific address in the UK (or Ireland, if you're getting Irish Sky). Thus there is no legal way to receive encrypted Sky broadcasts outside the UK and Ireland. Nobody other than SSSL can legally "sell" you a card, as the card remains the property of SSSL, therefor it isn't the third party's property to sell on.

What is perfcetly legal is pointing a satellite dish at the satellite used by Sky and picking up the free to air channels (FTA). These include all the old-school terrestrial UK channels apart from Channel 4, together with a bunch of other digital-only channels. Any digital satellite decode will do. However, if you use a card-less Sky digibox (readily available on eBay) you get the advantage of the EPG, so it's painless finding out what's on.


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Thanks for that info Mike. seems like I'll be ok with my free to view channels then.

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