New to Rotterdam (international society,meeting?)

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Hello,We're new to Rotterdam having just moved, city centre area, and trying to find out what we can do when not working, in our 20-30s !Having lived in a numer of countries before, we're multilingual - but not much Dutch yet, so still struggling to integrate. In the past at uni, we would be members of the international society's so have a rather wide network of friends from all over, so really any kind of group or society like this, whether formal or informal big expat/polyglot bunch would be great.We like outdoors, countryside/coast, and believe the best things in life are free - surfing, biking, capoeira, and just kicking back with friends, meeting new people and learning about new places.So if you speak any English, Italian, French, Lithuanian or Russian, would be interested to make contact, though welcome any other nationalities including Dutch.


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Hi, welcome to The Netherlands!

I have heard about an international group in Rotterdam, though I never had to contact them myself:

All the best making new friends


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Welcome to Rotterdam, some other expat groups in Rotterdam and area

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