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We have been here since the autumn, what is becoming apparent is that my kids are way behind with their swimming, one of my daughters had grommets put in last year so can't swim for at least a year, but I need to get the others up to speed. Any birthday party involved with a swimming pool we are not included as the children have to be able to swim up to at least a standard of an A Diploma (I think this is correct?). The local swiming pool in Wassenaar seems to think that it will take at least 6 months to a year to get them to an A Diploma standard. Does anyone know where I can get private lessons?


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Don't know of private swimming coaches, but it could be worth asking one of the coaches at the pool you go to and see if they'd be prepared to free-lance (might have to use a different pool)

I think the estimate that it will take 6 months to a year to get the A Diploma seems silly, especially if they can already swim a bit. My niece and nephew got A & B in 6 months. They are 6 and 8 years old.

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The first A diplomas always take the longest. 6 months is not silly its actually very normal. My boys both have 4 & 6 diplomas respectively, but the A always takes 2-3 times longer than the others. They ensure that the kids can swim properly & and are confident in the water.

It can also take some time before you can actually enrol the kids in classes because of waiting lists.

As cloggie suggests, ask one of the instructors if they can suggest something.

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My kids took a good 9 months to get their dimploma, I remember I was pregnant at the time, I thought I was going to give birth at the swimming pool I seemed to spend so much time there. Passing the A diploma is a very important step, you can buy cards in ths shops to celebrate and the grannies and granddads also come along to the swimming pool to cheer the kids on. Once they have got the A the rest seem to come quite quickly. There are also courses for swimming under ice and if your car goes into a canal and how you would get out.

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Have a look here: Public Swimming Pools there's a lady who does them in the Holiday Inn Pool in Leiden. Also have a chat to one of the swimming instutors at the pool, some of them do take on individual/ private lessons or they do 2-3 kids in a group.

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If your kids can swim already and it is just a case of getting the stroke right etc. it should be quick, like Cloggie says. However if they are still afraid to put their head in the water, the coach me well be correct with his 6 mths to 1 yr estimate, but even then, 1 year seems on the long side...

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