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Just in case anyone is missing the smoky filled restaurants ( and some of us do!) Have a look at this website Rosy


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I simply cannot understand that anyone would miss the horrible smoky public places, expecially restaurants and bars! It is such an horrible addiction, so bad for your health (trust me I know what I am talking about, I have seen my lovely dad die of lung cancer, he was gone in 5 weeks), expensive, just be glad for the ban, many of my friends have taken the opportunity to give up smoking!

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I AGREE - the smoking ban is a good thing, because today we were able to have lunch with our young children in a cafe without them having to breathe in second hand smoke. I used to smoke and gave up 6 years ago when I became pregnant, my husband still smokes (just less as he isn't allowed to smoke in the house since we had kids). He doesn't like the ban, not because he wants to smoke in bars and restaurants, we don't go out enough for it to be a problem, he just doesn't like the government telling people what to do.

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