Treadmill in The Hague

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Hi, Does anyone know where I can buy a Treadmill in or around The Hague? Have been into the sports shops in town and had no luck. Even the local Gym could not help. Am willing to go further a field if need be. Thanks for any advice.


Nick-371338 1232279194


I would suggest or

I know this where someone managed to locate a pool table recently, you may have more success there

I'd be interested to know if you're successful

Good luck


starfish-375398 1232291481

Hi Nick,

Thanks for the suggestions. I had thought of Ebay but really wanted to find a shop that had several models to choose from and to try out.

Will let you know how I get on.

Kirsty-373925 1232561162

I have one that I brought over with me from the UK, (sorry can't help you statfish) but where would I be able to get mine serviced?

Nick-371338 1232618255

I have a friend who brought one here up near Noordwijk, he is away on business but I will ask hime when he gets back at the weekend.


starfish-375398 1232621325

I think I may have found somewhere Nick, a place close to Mega Stores called Fit Shop, its at Rijswijkseweg 190. They do fitness equipment that you can buy or hire. Kirsty, they may also service your treadmill, I'm not sure, here is their number if you want to call 070 3841484

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