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Something really upsetting has happened to me, yesterday I saw my neighbour for the first time since coming back from our skiing holiday, I work Monday to Wednesday so don't to see them much. She was very aggressive and said she was going to report us to the 'Diren' something or other for neglecting our cat whilst we were away. My friend was looking after the cat came in on her way home from picking her kids up from school (the have Dutch school hols, different to us) and she says the cat was fine, it had food & water and there is a cat flap in the garage door. What shall I do Rosy


Peggy-371618 1204294614

Seems to me it's not just the cat she;s got a problem with, you haven't fallen out about anything else have you? It does seem very extreme, I wouldn't worry, you didn't do anything wrong, the cats still alive!

Annemieke-371731 1204299065

Ignore her! The cat probably had a whale of a time, they are not all that attached to people anyway are they!? As long as it was fed and watered and it could get out, what is the problem?

I had a plot of land a while ago, and there were a couple of girls who asked if they could keep their horses there. Fine by me. After a particularly wet few weeks, they'd trampled the area near the fence to a muddy pool. Then some animal person, (probably wearing knitted socks and sandals...) reported me to the Dierenbescherming (SPCA equivalent) saying I didn't look after them properly and that they had to stand in 25 cm of mud all day. so I had a couple of their officers knocking on my door to inspect my property! Luckily nothing wrong of course, as they had plenty of dry land to go to if they wanted, and a shelter to get out of the sun and rain!

I know there is animal abuse around, and I applaud the Dierenbescherming and their hard work, I detest animal bullies and abusers and want them punished and fined just like everybody else, but these busy bodies in our streets should just zip it and get a life, unless they have some concrete proof!

Helen M-372359 1204386140

I would do as Annemieke says and take no notice. You haven't done anything wrong. If they do turn up then show them the cat and where it was fed. You haven't neglected it. Sounds like someone meddling into others business. Next time don't tell them you're going away.

delajt-372092 1204410654

don't worry too much, here is the translation table:

Telling you that they will do something = they won't
Not telling you = they will

Trust me on this, okay?
This is a country that is proud to complain about anything.

disclaimer: I am not an expat or English.

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