Violence at Matches

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Yet again violence and disruption ensued at yesterdays match between MVV and Roda JC.  Why must these people who obviously are not fan do this.  My neighbour and his two young boys were with me and witnessed some of these idiots behaviour and it spoilt the match and the whole day for them.  I for one will no longer go to a match and my neighbour has said the same.  Will support Rugby instead as have never wiitnessed and violence (well not on the terraces at least) jut a shame that the dutch don't favour the game as much as the UK.


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It is always a great shame when the minority spoil something for the majority.  It can happen anywhere even in the cinema the other night when we went to see a film.  I agree though that it is a shame that Rugby is not popular over here as I used to enjoy going to watch the matches back in the UK.

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