Where is the flower market

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My parents will be visitng soon and I want to take them to the flower market. It's the one that you have to be up early in the morning to see all the trucks come in with the flowers. Anyone know which one I mean?


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I have found it on here: Flower Auction in Aalsmeer
It's under Markets.

Joke-371619 1199876046

There is also a Flower market in Naaldwijk which is nearer The Hague. I took my in-laws there last year. You need to be there early as the flowers leave early, it's worth it, the flowers are amazing and the smell!!

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You have auctions in Aalsmeer, Rijnsburg & Naaldwijk. There are plenty more in Holland, but these 3 are the biggest. Aalsmeer is the biggest, but all 3 have guided tours around the auction. Look at the various websites for info.

I worked on the auctions for 21 years, and they still amazed me at the end just the massive scale of things. Best days to go to see the most flowers are Monday or Fridays.



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